About Me

The girl behind Fit Girl Daily is me, Danielle. I started this blog in hopes that I could offer advice and tips for a more fit lifestyle all in between the posts of my life. I strive to keep FGD real, or "human" if you will, because that's how I believe I can help others best; by showing you that I'm with you, not above you. The amazing feedback I've received through FGD revealed one of my true passions: to help people change their lives and reach their goals.

I am a runner and fit-living enthusiast.
I run because it challenges me, teaches me and it's something that I really enjoy.

To me, there is nothing like crossing the finish line after a hard race.
(you can read my running story here)

I've always been a go getter and believe me when I say I'm chasing my dreams. I hope to always encourage others to do the same.

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