Running Story

Somewhere at the tail end of 2011 I was inspired by a friend to sign up for a running race. And not just any race, a half marathon. Ummm okay, for a girl who never ran more than 3-4 miles at a time this was not just a small step, it was a giant leap. I had absolutely no business in distance running or racing or training for that matter but I still managed to cross that finish line.

{Tinker Bell Half Marathon 2012, my first race}

I cannot even explain to you how proud of myself I was for tackling such a distance with no real running experience. There was nothing like the physical pain, mental battle and major sense of accomplishment. If you run, you know what I'm talking about. It's that "I am NEVER going to put my body through this much pain again" statement followed by you icing post race while signing up for your next race. You just can't help it.

I'm hooked!
Within 12 months of my first race I completed 9 half marathons and a handful of smaller races. I haven't perfected the art of running by any means, but I have made some major improvements since my first race and that's what I strive for

Ojai to Ocean, my 3rd half and Seaside, my 9th half
Running races by the beach... it doesn't get much better!

I never imagined I could conquer the miles, the aches and the voice inside me telling me to give up. But, I did. I never felt so strong until I became a runner.

I think everyone should set personal goals, formulate a plan on how to get there and then fight to reach them. The people that inspire me the most aren't necessarily the ones who break the records and set the standards... it's the ones who keep fighting despite opposition. It's people who make the most out of their lives. Never settle. Your life will be as rich as you make of it.

Current numbers incase you were curious...
Half Marathon PR: 2:05:06 
Half Marathons completed: 11
10K completed: 1
5K completed: 2

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