Monday, October 26, 2015

Monday Mindset

Mindset is a funny, slippery little thing. Sometimes its like you have full control over it and other times right when you think you're onto something it slips right through your finger tips like sand. I'm trying not to dwell on the little treats (oops, Halloween candy) and focus on the fact that I ate a healthy dinner of chicken and potatoes and I even walked/ran tonight.

You see, I don't believe that the "all-or-none" approach works for most people. I think it's unhealthy to begin associating foods with being "good" vs "bad." Rather, I encourage people to think of food as what it is, food - a source of energy and nourishment for your body. Now I know it's not that simple (food from a social perspective is a whole other blog post in itself!), but I want people to focus on their mindset and less on the food. (i.e. its okay to eat the candy because I'm in full control of my actions. Does that make sense?)

I believe that it's a culmination of the small choices, the little forgiving gestures and the sense of gaining control over your choices that matter most. Not the few pieces of Halloween candy you snuck before dinner.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

The Next Chapter Has Begun

Well guys, it's been a minute but let me tell you, I am happy and I am on my way back. I actually even ran last night! Okay, it was less than a mile overall (and I definitely walked some) but I felt GOOD. I even finished off with some sprints down the street because I felt like I had so much stress/energy to burn off. It was literally a 15minute workout but it was better than nothing!

With all of the craziness of getting married and moving I haven't had much time to take care of myself physically. Now that the wedding is over, no more excuses. Now it's time to get back into shape, learn this whole newlywed life (learning how to take care of a house/husband/cooking/laundry/budgeting... this could be an interesting time to blog FOR SURE :) ) and focus on what makes me HAPPY in life. Getting rid of the toxins in my life and focusing on ME.

I don't think there is anything wrong with focusing on yourself because how can you take care of others if you, yourself, aren't strong and happy? I cannot be the best wife/daughter/friend/person if I am not in a healthy place.

A couple things I have started to implement in the last week or so:

I'm an introvert. I need calm, quiet down time to allow myself to recharge and refocus. "Introvert time" (as Eric calls it) was hard to come by when you're planning a wedding/buying a house all in the same 2 weeks! My alone time was essentially when I was driving places and that's simply not enough. ME TIME allows me to get my mind right. When my mind is right I am much happier (and I'm sure more pleasant to be around too!)

I've been trying to read every night as part of my ME TIME, even if its only 10 minutes or so. The book I just started was Girl Meets Change and so far it has really resonated with it. Kristen (the author) talks about how when change happens in our life that it is helpful to ask God to change our ATTITUDE towards the change rather than change the situation. That perspective is something I am trying to implement when I face something during the day that I don't want to do. Baby steps, but I think it's helping!

I have a house now. A 1798 square foot home that I need to take care of! This is much more to take care of than my bedroom/bathroom at my parents house. Slowly but surely I'm learning where to put things, what I need to keep stocked in house, when to do laundry, etc. If at the end of a stressful work day I don't have it in me to continue putting clothes/items away from moving I just try and put a few things away and save the rest for tomorrow. I don't have to build a "perfect home" overnight! Although building a home truly is a fun and humbling experience for sure.

I'm married now and that's different from dating. Priorities are different and I'm still learning to change my mind set from "what am I having for dinner?" to "what are WE have for dinner?" Asking about each other's day and listening to their thoughts/concerns/feelings about an issue are super important.

I've honestly been having "the blogging itch" again, which I am so excited about! While I was so stressed with working full time, planning the wedding, buying the house, etc I didn't really have the urge to block - I was just focused on keeping my head above water. But now, I feel the urge again! I miss it. It's something I enjoy and a great outlet for me. So here I am again, I hope you'll have me back :)

Off to have a productive/fun/stress free weekend with my husband!
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