Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Making Chocolate Pudding at 4 O'clock in the Morning

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See, even Stu Pickles loses it. I miss that show.

Well guys, it turns out that working full time, going to school, planning a wedding and buying a house all at the same time will take up 99.9% of your time and will drive you within an inch of your sanity! No need to consult google for that one.

**And please don't think I am trying to puff myself up or belittle other's (more serious) problems but I am human who gets stressed out and I want to share my struggles with you too.**

Quite honestly, it has taken a toll on my health (physical and mental). I should definitely know better but I've let things slip under the rug. I've let other people's bad attitudes alter my attitude. I've skipped workouts (a lot of them) and chosen to eat less healthy foods way more times than I should have. It can be hard to look at yourself in mirror and realize that you've lost control but its an important reality to face.
Am I lost? 

Am I frustrated? 

Will I give up? 

Here is my plan to gain back control of my life (am I too young to say that?)

  • Self-Care

Do things that are good for your soul. Do things that keep your spirits up and happy. Take a nice hot shower, relax with a good book, have quiet time, get a manicure, read from your Bible, etc. When you take care of yourself your body will naturally de-stress. When you de-stress you not only think clearer, you gain control. 

  • Evaluate "Excuses"

Do I really have too much to do today or am I just making an excuse to not work out? Learn to be "real" with yourself. Focus on how you will feel afterward or don't even think at all; get dressed and out the door before you have time to doubt yourself. 10 minutes of working out is better than nothing.

  • Plan
Planning ahead of time in any area of your life isn't a sure fire way for success but it is MUCH more likely that you'll land somewhere close to it! Even if it's only two "small" goals you plan in your day, they create momentum. The more goals you reach, the more likely you'll continue. Examples of small goals would be to drink 6 bottles of water in a day or to put 1/2 the amount of sugar you usually do in your coffee. The key is to make them attainable and measurable! 

  • Be Nice to Yourself!
You are a rockstar capable of all things. You aren't perfect, but who is? Spanx and photoshop exist for a reason...we are all human! Don't be so hard on yourself if you "mess up" (whatever that means!) Forgive yourself and move on. Positive self talk goes a long, long way. 

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