Sunday, October 20, 2013


I walk/jogged 4.17 miles today and 1.25 miles yesterday. Instead of dwelling on the fact that I felt slow, sluggish and am already sore from this [aka reflecting on how out of shape I am] I am choosing to look at the positives:

  • I got to workout a long the beach today!
  • I have the ability to run pain free!
  • I'm going to keep running more often and get back in shape! 

Over the past few months I have owned up to some truths about myself. I think its important to consistently reflect on ourselves, our habits and our behaviors to better understand who we are and why we are that way. My theory is: the better I understand myself, the better I understand what I need. When I understand what I need I can make those things happen and overall, it makes me a much happier person. {That was probably beyond wordy, but I think you get what I mean! If not, maybe do a re-read :)}

1. I am a creature of habit. This is both good and bad. If I'm eating good, I will continue to eat good (even if its the exact same boring foods every single day). BUT if I start to eat bad or skip a workout or two, I will almost undoubtedly continue to repeat that habit.

2. Staying positive helps me a lot. If I start to get down or overly stressed, I don't reach outward - I fall further into myself. This tends to cause me to over think every. little. thing. and does me more harm than good. It gives me "tunnel vision."But, If I don't beat myself up over having a margarita (or two!) and just focus on progress and balance, I tend to be much happier overall. It's always about progress.

3. Running makes me happy. Just keep repeating this to yourself, Danielle, when you are at mile 10 of your next half marathon ;) I will never break any records, and I'm okay with that. I run to be mentally strong and to push myself.

I run to be able to eat a basket of fries the size of my head sometimes. :)

What have you learned about yourself lately?

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