Tuesday, October 15, 2013

I choose to be happy

For whatever reason, lately, I've been turning into a negative nancy. I think I've been moody, not sleeping well (not resting at all!) and just overall not seeing the positives in my life. Which for me, is not normal. I'm usually a pretty solid, emotionally stable and positive chick who likes to see the best in people.

I posted this earlier, and I'm positing it again on here because I think it is a great reminder (for myself included!)

I love this quote. You have the power to CHANGE your mind, your attitude and your life! Take control and ownership of YOU. It's so easy to fall into the trap of negativity, but I challenge you to be strong and take that the positive, self confident route!

This girl is who I want to be: 
She was strong, in control and disciplined. 

I need to change that was to is because that girl IS me. She's still here, just got a little side tracked. I think it's always important to remember that the person who you want to be, or "used" to be is still there. Maybe she just got a little lost, that's all :) It's funny how quickly you can unravel and wake up one day feeling like a different person. For whatever reason the weight of the world got to you - you had a moment of weakness - and it slowly ate you away until you lost the person you once were. But, just because you're a little lost, doesn't mean that you can't be found. Find it in yourself to muster up enough strength to stand up again. You have it in you.

Take heart, you can CHOOSE to be happy once again.

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