Saturday, October 12, 2013


I am finally starting to feel close to 100% again. I have been super sick the past few weeks between digestive issues, allergies and a gnarly sinus infection. In my time that I was sick I finally found the app that everyone uses to make their images super cute.
{Pic from the Dodger game last weekend}
Yes, I am usually about a year behind the trends. It happens. 
I have been doing this so much lately its terrible! I think it's a woman thing?! Call me crazy, but I think the digestive issues I've been having lately are making me more anxious. I know your digestive tract is sometimes called your "second brain" because it has so many nervous cells so maybe it is throwing me off. I feel very off, sluggish, fatigued easily, so it's time for me to really buckle down with my diet. And to stop over-thinking. But we'll take on one issue at a time :)

My doctor recommended I try out the FODMAP diet. From what I understand, FODMAPS are a collection of small chain carbohydrates that are difficult for the small intestines to absorb. Here's an article on the diet incase you're interested. I honestly have not been extremely compliant to the diet yet, but I do plan on making a greater effort to do so now that I am less sick.

Have you heard of FODMAPS?

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