Sunday, October 6, 2013


I posted this image recently because it's one of my favorite quotes  - AND IT'S SO TRUE. It seems so easy to commit to things when we are in the right mood, but what happens when its 5AM, it's dark, it's cold and nothing sounds better than curling back up under the covers? 

Commitment is such an important concept to understand. People who live out their commitments are undeniably on the road to superiority. Why do I say this? Because how often do people blow off plans, show up late, quit, or give up? It's the easy route. Stick to your word and you will gain more respect that you realize.

Commitment means sticking to your word even when its hard, when the odds are against you, and most importantly... when it no longer seems like a good idea.

How can we stay more committed to our goals?

1. Make your goals realistic and attainable
It is more realistic to give up sweets for a week. It is less realistic to swear off sweets for the rest of your life. See Setting Realistic Expectations. Small goals reached can lead to lasting, bigger changes!

2. When faced with a tough situation, try and remember why you committed to this goal in the first place. It might just give you that motivation you need to stick to your word. 

3. Remember that your word matters! When you say things, your words matter. Your wants, needs, dreams, goals, and words have substance and value. Your words have power. They can help and they can hurt. When you say things, people will hold you accountable to them. In the same way, you should strive to be a person who stays accountable to herself. 

4. Separate your mood from your commitments. This is tough, but its important. Nothing in life that you could ever commit to will be sugar drops and rainbows all of the time. Many people act of of emotion, because its easy, like a reflex. The average person says, I'm mad and I have the right to be mad so I'm going to say and do what I want even if it separates me from my commitment. The person who is committed says, I'm mad but I remember why I committed in the first place so I will stick to my word. Which person would you rather have on your side?

What' great about being a person who strives to be more committed is that it applies to all areas of your life - your relationships, marriage, work, etc. 

What does commitment mean to you?

What will you commit to this week? 

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