Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Soak up the run

Whoa, whoa, whoa! Has it been a little too quiet around here or what? Time to get refocused and back to what I enjoy. Running. Blogging. Learning. Enjoying the little things.

Why do I enjoy running?
I find it empowering. I find it difficult and a challenge. I think it teaches me discipline and gives me strength. I like the pounding feeling in my chest and the soreness of my muscles afterward. I love how good cold water tastes after a far tough run. I like getting lost in the music and lost from life for a little while. It's part of my ME time.

Tell me why you enjoy running!

As far as my social calendar goes (aka my race schedule) I have two races coming up in September! The Disneyland Half on September 1st and the Ventura Beach Half  on September 8th. My first time ever racing back to back weekends! I should probably get to training... :)

BTW, my e-mail has been crazy sketchy so if I have not responded to your e-mail by now chances are I never received it. Lame! So, if you would resend it I'd greatly appreciate it! Thanks!

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