Saturday, July 13, 2013

Run Cramming doesn't work

So this morning I did laundry then headed down to the beach (because running by the beach is my absolute favorite place to run) only to find out there was a SURF RODEO going on down there? I have never heard of such a thing!

I skipped out but thought it sounded kinda interesting! I ended up running at a park near my house instead. It was super nice out!

This was my third run this week. Three or four runs is usually my max in a week in order to prevent an overuse injury. Here's how my week broke down:

Run 1: 1.25 miles + jump squats
Run 2: 2 miles + jump squats + plank
Run 3: 1.25 mile run and 2 mile walk/jog

PS: In case it isn't already obvious: my mileage is SUPER LOW right now. I'm trying out the whole SLOW AND STEADY approach to try and up my mileage again slowly and also to prevent burn out. I used to not really have a plan and would run 5-10 miles 2-3 days in a row not thinking twice about it. Then (to no one's surprise) I got pretty bad shin splints and had to stop training for the last 2 weeks up to my first half marathon. I cannot even tell you how bummed out I was!

A huge goal of mine right now is to STAY CONSISTENT with my running so that I don't "run cram" right before a race. It may seem like it helps in the moment but really it doesn't help (me) much! As expected, my shin splints start to come back. Secondly, I don't know why I always act surprised when my endurance declines if I don't consistently run. Huge DUH moment. It's definitely disheartening to see your endurance decline but it also makes it that much sweeter when you gain endurance back again!

PPS, I thought this quote was pretty awesome :)

Do you "run cram"? 
Guilty. BUT working on be a smarter runner!

What's your favorite training method for running? 
I'm still working that out :)

What shoes do you run in?

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