Sunday, July 14, 2013

Create the lifestyle you want

I think one of the biggest problems people have is releasing how much control they really do have over their life and what goes on in it. Every day you are faced with situations in which you make a conscious choice on how to react. These choices lead into behaviors and behaviors are the foundation of habits. Habits don't equate with being "good" or "bad" necessarily. Habits are what you make of them. Focus on creating habits that you are okay with creating and rid of those habits they you find to be negative. It's not about being perfect, its about creating a lifestyle that you are happy to live.

The biggest advice I can give you is to take control of your choices. Realize you do, in fact, have a choice in 98% of areas of your life and I can promise you it will change your perspective.

Enough serious stuff.

Let's talk about how I ran for the fourth time this week! Short distances, but distance nonetheless! I got bored last night (I know, on a Saturday night, I'm the oldest 22 year old you'll ever meet ) so I went on another 2 mile walk which ended with me sprinting down Telephone the last 1/2 mile to my house. Felt good to get out there! Then today I hit up the gym and the park for another run. At least I'm getting my tan on a little despite working full time :)

Oh, and let's be honest. This happened last night:

A Reece's Twister from Foster Freeze. 
It really wasn't even worth it. I would have rather wasted the calories on a basket of fries or nachos over ice cream but I didn't have any around.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Run Cramming doesn't work

So this morning I did laundry then headed down to the beach (because running by the beach is my absolute favorite place to run) only to find out there was a SURF RODEO going on down there? I have never heard of such a thing!

I skipped out but thought it sounded kinda interesting! I ended up running at a park near my house instead. It was super nice out!

This was my third run this week. Three or four runs is usually my max in a week in order to prevent an overuse injury. Here's how my week broke down:

Run 1: 1.25 miles + jump squats
Run 2: 2 miles + jump squats + plank
Run 3: 1.25 mile run and 2 mile walk/jog

PS: In case it isn't already obvious: my mileage is SUPER LOW right now. I'm trying out the whole SLOW AND STEADY approach to try and up my mileage again slowly and also to prevent burn out. I used to not really have a plan and would run 5-10 miles 2-3 days in a row not thinking twice about it. Then (to no one's surprise) I got pretty bad shin splints and had to stop training for the last 2 weeks up to my first half marathon. I cannot even tell you how bummed out I was!

A huge goal of mine right now is to STAY CONSISTENT with my running so that I don't "run cram" right before a race. It may seem like it helps in the moment but really it doesn't help (me) much! As expected, my shin splints start to come back. Secondly, I don't know why I always act surprised when my endurance declines if I don't consistently run. Huge DUH moment. It's definitely disheartening to see your endurance decline but it also makes it that much sweeter when you gain endurance back again!

PPS, I thought this quote was pretty awesome :)

Do you "run cram"? 
Guilty. BUT working on be a smarter runner!

What's your favorite training method for running? 
I'm still working that out :)

What shoes do you run in?

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Dead ipod or a dead garmin?

I don't know what's worse: a dead ipod or a dead Garmin? Both are so very catastrophic. ESPECIALLY when it happens at the same time! Kill me.

In other news, I bought my very first car! 

I'm 99% sure I forgot to tell you guys that. Most likely due to the fact that I only have time to work now so that I can pay for the truck :) I do love her though.

I finally found an "okay" race picture of me! Usually my pictures are dreadfully horribly terribly terrible but I was okay with this one. Check out my heel strike. Terrible! Disclaimer: this was literally 1/8 mile from the finish line of my 10th half marathon and usually the rule book has flown out the window by then.

Are you runners excited for race season to pick up? I am so excited! I am super determined to train harder and (more importantly) smarter this year. Injury is the worst thing ever and can creep up on you if you aren't careful! I am making it a huge priority to train smart. Fingers crossed!

Time to get that evening run in!

What physical activity did you do today?

What physical activity do you want to try that you haven't before?
I really want to try yoga! I did one class in college and would like to try it again.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Soak up the run

Whoa, whoa, whoa! Has it been a little too quiet around here or what? Time to get refocused and back to what I enjoy. Running. Blogging. Learning. Enjoying the little things.

Why do I enjoy running?
I find it empowering. I find it difficult and a challenge. I think it teaches me discipline and gives me strength. I like the pounding feeling in my chest and the soreness of my muscles afterward. I love how good cold water tastes after a far tough run. I like getting lost in the music and lost from life for a little while. It's part of my ME time.

Tell me why you enjoy running!

As far as my social calendar goes (aka my race schedule) I have two races coming up in September! The Disneyland Half on September 1st and the Ventura Beach Half  on September 8th. My first time ever racing back to back weekends! I should probably get to training... :)

BTW, my e-mail has been crazy sketchy so if I have not responded to your e-mail by now chances are I never received it. Lame! So, if you would resend it I'd greatly appreciate it! Thanks!

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