Sunday, May 12, 2013


(Yesterday workout: 8.5 mile run)

Today: rest day

2 weeks from today I will be running my 10th half marathon! Crazy how fast the time has flown since my first half ever. Reading through that post I can't help but laugh at my inexperienced, naive, self. I tackled a 13.1 mile race with only 4 training runs for the entire month before that. Ridiculous! No wonder you felt like you were going to die, Danielle.

Despite my lack of training and naive attitude towards a half marathon I do look back and admire my courage. I have been blessed with some amazing opportunities in life: a trip to Europe, attending a prestigious college, and many other things that I probably don't really deserve. I don't think I would have been able to do those amazing things if I hadn't initiated the first step.

If you want something in life go after it with all of your heart and don't let the negativity of others get in your way. Do what makes you happy. Be around people who make you happy. Because life is too short to live it any other way.

I thought I'd share some life-isms. Mostly because I'm basically writing this to myself as a good reminder :)

The more you practice something, the better you get at it.
Don't shy away from opportunities, even if it makes you uncomfortable. (I'm trying to work on this right now!) Take opportunities like they are vitamins. Listen, learn, and grow. Confidence is so valuable and will benefit you in all areas of your life.

You can't change the cards that you are dealt, only how you play the hand
There is absolutely no sense in dwelling on what might have been, what could have been or what should have been. You can't rewrite the past but you can learn from it and move forward. Don't get bitter, get better. 

Don't get mad about the results you aren't getting from the effort you aren't putting in
Take responsibility for yourself and your choices. Own up to what you have control over in your life. 

Sometimes its best to just rip off the band aid
 It hurts, but then you're relieved.

Don't confuse your path with your destination
Just because its stormy now doesn't mean you aren't headed toward the sunshine.

Don't be a slave to your emotions/thoughts
The first way to drive yourself bananas is to let your emotions and thoughts drive your life. Take control ASAP or your emotions/thoughts/other people's opinions will. 

Do what makes you happy and you feel in your heart to be right because you'll be criticized anyway. 
You can't make everybody happy so there is no sense in trying.

Attitude is everything

Friday, May 3, 2013

Cupcakes AND Ice Cream!

It has been a crazy busy couple of weeks! I've been at baby showers galore (anyone else noticing that it is baby season?), working, running and even took a little trip down to San Diego to visit a friend. I was working a lot so this PYT needed a little TLC vacay in SD.

While in SD we found gluten free red velvet cupcakes. That's like an oxymoron so I had to try one.

It was pretty good but the frosting was wayyyy too rich for me. I'm not a super huge sweet tooth!

I say that as a few hours later this happened:

It was my first time ever in a Ghirardelli store! A little embarrassing, I know. Since it was my first time I couldn't just walk out of there without trying something. We all shared a hot fudge sundae and it was amazing.

BUT My favorite place was a lounge at the top of the Marriot (I think?) called the Sky Lounge (I think?) You could see Petco park from the lounge and it was just a really cool atmosphere.
{View from the top of the lounge}

Here's my goon self trying to take a selfie with the field in the background.
I guess I missed. Could be because I'm a terrible photographer or because of the Tequila. It's a close call.

Now I'm back in regular life mode again (booo!) which lead me to the realization that I have my 10th half marathon coming up in a matter of weeks!!! These next few weeks are critical for me to step it up and apply myself if I want to do well. Tomorrow will be my first long run in a while. I've been ranging between 2.5-4.5 miles at a time so tomorrow will be 6 miles. I've been taking it slow and steady to avoid increasing the likelihood of injury and I've just been so busy that running has taken the back seat. I guess that just happens sometimes, but I'll get back at it and PR soon enough :)

PS. cLook what arrived in the mail for me today as a belated birthday gift! #Winning
Lulu gift cards are like gold.

If you were going to buy an expensive piece of workout clothing would you rather drop the bills on a workout top or bottom?

For me, I'd go for the bottoms. My tops get all gross anyway and there is nothing more annoying than workout bottoms that ride up.
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