Sunday, April 14, 2013

Quick tips for a better workout!

There's always a few things here and there to improve any workout routine.

Let me know what you think!
  1. Focus on keeping the muscle under tension while working through your reps. (Basically, don't let your arm, leg, etc. relax completely.)
  2. Increasing and improving ROM (range of motion) is just as important for maintaining healthy joints and muscles as any other facet of "fitness". Always incorporate exercises into your routine that will improve ROM! I've seen this neglected time and time again! 
  3. A huge mistake I think many people make is concentrating on how much weight they are lifting instead of focusing on utilizing correct form. Correct form not only lessens likelyhood of injury but also teaches your body (specifically the nervous system) how to move. Initial gains in strength are from nervous system adaptations and improvements, not hypertrophy.
  4. When planning your workouts make sure to incorporate a dynamic warm-up, hit the weights, THEN do some form of energy work/cardio. Full body static stretching is not advantageous and may actually hinder your performance before a workout.
  5. Proper hydration is crucial! I definitely feel a difference in my workout when I haven't had much water that day. Your muscles are mostly water therefore they must receive adequate hydration in order to work as hard as you want them to!
  6. You will not reap as many benefits from your hard workout without proper nutrition post workout. You are most absorptive within 30 minutes post so try and make sure you eat some combination of protein + carb within that window. Many people choose a protein shake with fruit because it is easily digested and also very convenient on the go.
  7. Pre-workout food is completely debatable! I've read arguments for both sides and I believe it is truly unique with each person. Some people need a little something, some drink black coffee, some go on empty. You'll quickly figure out what your body needs before a workout.
ROM (in my unprofessional opinion) is the most neglected facet of fitness worked on which is such a shame because it is so beneficial. I should write a post soon on the best ways to improve ROM. 

Have a great Sunday everyone!

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