Sunday, October 20, 2013


I walk/jogged 4.17 miles today and 1.25 miles yesterday. Instead of dwelling on the fact that I felt slow, sluggish and am already sore from this [aka reflecting on how out of shape I am] I am choosing to look at the positives:

  • I got to workout a long the beach today!
  • I have the ability to run pain free!
  • I'm going to keep running more often and get back in shape! 

Over the past few months I have owned up to some truths about myself. I think its important to consistently reflect on ourselves, our habits and our behaviors to better understand who we are and why we are that way. My theory is: the better I understand myself, the better I understand what I need. When I understand what I need I can make those things happen and overall, it makes me a much happier person. {That was probably beyond wordy, but I think you get what I mean! If not, maybe do a re-read :)}

1. I am a creature of habit. This is both good and bad. If I'm eating good, I will continue to eat good (even if its the exact same boring foods every single day). BUT if I start to eat bad or skip a workout or two, I will almost undoubtedly continue to repeat that habit.

2. Staying positive helps me a lot. If I start to get down or overly stressed, I don't reach outward - I fall further into myself. This tends to cause me to over think every. little. thing. and does me more harm than good. It gives me "tunnel vision."But, If I don't beat myself up over having a margarita (or two!) and just focus on progress and balance, I tend to be much happier overall. It's always about progress.

3. Running makes me happy. Just keep repeating this to yourself, Danielle, when you are at mile 10 of your next half marathon ;) I will never break any records, and I'm okay with that. I run to be mentally strong and to push myself.

I run to be able to eat a basket of fries the size of my head sometimes. :)

What have you learned about yourself lately?

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Drink up!

Today I slept in until 7AM and it was even more amazing than I expected. Usually I'm up anywhere between 5:15-5:30AM. Okay... lately, more of 5:30-5:40AM whoops :) Guess that explains why I've been looking at little haggard at work lately.
Guess what I got yesterday at REI! 
It's by HydroFlask and I love it! I really need to work on my water consumption and just plain overall hydration so this little guy will be my new bff! I always wanted something like this to carry water around with me. The best part about it is the insulation! My cold water that I poured in this morning is STILL cold. And it's 1:30PM. On the website it claims to keep cold liquid cold for up to 24 hours! Maybe I'm living under a rock, or maybe I'm just easy to please, but I think that's a pretty awesome.

I think this is the one I have in Ops Black.
Love the mouth size too. I'm not a pop top kind of girl.

In my short running career (aka one year long hah!) I've noticed that dehydration is literally the kiss of death in half marathon running. If I'm not drinking an increased amount of water for a solid 3-4 days before the race, my performance will suffer. Guaranteed.

And it's not just my muscles, my gut will suffer too! 
[Old picture, Same idea: Water is Good!]

Dehydration can be caused by a loss of fluid from sweat, urine, and even respiration. Basically the formula for trouble is when fluids going out surpass the fluids coming in.

[Nuun and other electrolyte containing fluids are also important!]

From what I've read, it seems like your sweat rate (how much you sweat) and your sweat consistency (meaning are you a salty sweater, etc.) are super important when paying attention to your hydration levels. 

I found this USATF Self-testing program online and thought it was pretty interesting. Basically, body weight changes during a single exercise bout can signal a pretty strong indication for your hydration level. They also mention paying attention to the color of your urine and how often you have to go. Here are some tips for runners on how to stay properly hydrated. And here's an article I wrote a while back on water. Drink up!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

I choose to be happy

For whatever reason, lately, I've been turning into a negative nancy. I think I've been moody, not sleeping well (not resting at all!) and just overall not seeing the positives in my life. Which for me, is not normal. I'm usually a pretty solid, emotionally stable and positive chick who likes to see the best in people.

I posted this earlier, and I'm positing it again on here because I think it is a great reminder (for myself included!)

I love this quote. You have the power to CHANGE your mind, your attitude and your life! Take control and ownership of YOU. It's so easy to fall into the trap of negativity, but I challenge you to be strong and take that the positive, self confident route!

This girl is who I want to be: 
She was strong, in control and disciplined. 

I need to change that was to is because that girl IS me. She's still here, just got a little side tracked. I think it's always important to remember that the person who you want to be, or "used" to be is still there. Maybe she just got a little lost, that's all :) It's funny how quickly you can unravel and wake up one day feeling like a different person. For whatever reason the weight of the world got to you - you had a moment of weakness - and it slowly ate you away until you lost the person you once were. But, just because you're a little lost, doesn't mean that you can't be found. Find it in yourself to muster up enough strength to stand up again. You have it in you.

Take heart, you can CHOOSE to be happy once again.

Saturday, October 12, 2013


I am finally starting to feel close to 100% again. I have been super sick the past few weeks between digestive issues, allergies and a gnarly sinus infection. In my time that I was sick I finally found the app that everyone uses to make their images super cute.
{Pic from the Dodger game last weekend}
Yes, I am usually about a year behind the trends. It happens. 
I have been doing this so much lately its terrible! I think it's a woman thing?! Call me crazy, but I think the digestive issues I've been having lately are making me more anxious. I know your digestive tract is sometimes called your "second brain" because it has so many nervous cells so maybe it is throwing me off. I feel very off, sluggish, fatigued easily, so it's time for me to really buckle down with my diet. And to stop over-thinking. But we'll take on one issue at a time :)

My doctor recommended I try out the FODMAP diet. From what I understand, FODMAPS are a collection of small chain carbohydrates that are difficult for the small intestines to absorb. Here's an article on the diet incase you're interested. I honestly have not been extremely compliant to the diet yet, but I do plan on making a greater effort to do so now that I am less sick.

Have you heard of FODMAPS?

Monday, October 7, 2013

Google says it so it must be true

So I met up with a long lost friend yesterday. And by long lost friend, I mean I went to the gym. This was by far not the smartest idea I've ever had. I'm pretty sure my respiratory system is filing a lawsuit considering how unhappy I made it yesterday.

You see, I've been sick with a sinus infection lately. But according to Google I may have sinusitis, rhinosinusitis, nasal polyps or cancer. Please tell me I'm not the only one who googles my symptoms just to see what Google will come up with! Google says it, so it must be true.

Because I have been a little under the weather lately, my boss gave me a few days off from work which I am actually super grateful for. Hence the layout change and my existence back on the blog. I am actually really glad for the extra time I've had to reconnect with the blog community - I am really grateful for you guys. You inspire me.


Sunday, October 6, 2013


I posted this image recently because it's one of my favorite quotes  - AND IT'S SO TRUE. It seems so easy to commit to things when we are in the right mood, but what happens when its 5AM, it's dark, it's cold and nothing sounds better than curling back up under the covers? 

Commitment is such an important concept to understand. People who live out their commitments are undeniably on the road to superiority. Why do I say this? Because how often do people blow off plans, show up late, quit, or give up? It's the easy route. Stick to your word and you will gain more respect that you realize.

Commitment means sticking to your word even when its hard, when the odds are against you, and most importantly... when it no longer seems like a good idea.

How can we stay more committed to our goals?

1. Make your goals realistic and attainable
It is more realistic to give up sweets for a week. It is less realistic to swear off sweets for the rest of your life. See Setting Realistic Expectations. Small goals reached can lead to lasting, bigger changes!

2. When faced with a tough situation, try and remember why you committed to this goal in the first place. It might just give you that motivation you need to stick to your word. 

3. Remember that your word matters! When you say things, your words matter. Your wants, needs, dreams, goals, and words have substance and value. Your words have power. They can help and they can hurt. When you say things, people will hold you accountable to them. In the same way, you should strive to be a person who stays accountable to herself. 

4. Separate your mood from your commitments. This is tough, but its important. Nothing in life that you could ever commit to will be sugar drops and rainbows all of the time. Many people act of of emotion, because its easy, like a reflex. The average person says, I'm mad and I have the right to be mad so I'm going to say and do what I want even if it separates me from my commitment. The person who is committed says, I'm mad but I remember why I committed in the first place so I will stick to my word. Which person would you rather have on your side?

What' great about being a person who strives to be more committed is that it applies to all areas of your life - your relationships, marriage, work, etc. 

What does commitment mean to you?

What will you commit to this week? 

Saturday, October 5, 2013

It's been a while..

It's been a while since I blogged last. Okay, let's be real, it's been FOREVER since I blogged last. I was go go go go go go until recently when I became sick and reality set in that I was not taking proper care of my body or my mind.

The past few months I kept focusing on things I thought I "had" to do not taking much time in considering what I actually want and need to do for myself. You almost begin to forget what you used to do that you enjoyed so much.

I am getting back into running. October 20 is my next half marathon. I am in NO WAY ready for this, but I'm just trying to focus on enjoying the fact that I'm getting back out there rather than competing for a good time.

I am getting back into cooking. I've been reading a lot of recipes lately from Little b and Fit Life Happy Wife that are inspiring me to get back to experimenting in the kitchen again. I seriously think I want to try every single one of Stephani's recipes!

I am not going to dwell on how far I have to go but rather focus on establishing smaller more realistic goals and keep moving forward. No sense in looking back, our heads are faced forward for a reason :) It's all about consistency and the will to keep going.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Create the lifestyle you want

I think one of the biggest problems people have is releasing how much control they really do have over their life and what goes on in it. Every day you are faced with situations in which you make a conscious choice on how to react. These choices lead into behaviors and behaviors are the foundation of habits. Habits don't equate with being "good" or "bad" necessarily. Habits are what you make of them. Focus on creating habits that you are okay with creating and rid of those habits they you find to be negative. It's not about being perfect, its about creating a lifestyle that you are happy to live.

The biggest advice I can give you is to take control of your choices. Realize you do, in fact, have a choice in 98% of areas of your life and I can promise you it will change your perspective.

Enough serious stuff.

Let's talk about how I ran for the fourth time this week! Short distances, but distance nonetheless! I got bored last night (I know, on a Saturday night, I'm the oldest 22 year old you'll ever meet ) so I went on another 2 mile walk which ended with me sprinting down Telephone the last 1/2 mile to my house. Felt good to get out there! Then today I hit up the gym and the park for another run. At least I'm getting my tan on a little despite working full time :)

Oh, and let's be honest. This happened last night:

A Reece's Twister from Foster Freeze. 
It really wasn't even worth it. I would have rather wasted the calories on a basket of fries or nachos over ice cream but I didn't have any around.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Run Cramming doesn't work

So this morning I did laundry then headed down to the beach (because running by the beach is my absolute favorite place to run) only to find out there was a SURF RODEO going on down there? I have never heard of such a thing!

I skipped out but thought it sounded kinda interesting! I ended up running at a park near my house instead. It was super nice out!

This was my third run this week. Three or four runs is usually my max in a week in order to prevent an overuse injury. Here's how my week broke down:

Run 1: 1.25 miles + jump squats
Run 2: 2 miles + jump squats + plank
Run 3: 1.25 mile run and 2 mile walk/jog

PS: In case it isn't already obvious: my mileage is SUPER LOW right now. I'm trying out the whole SLOW AND STEADY approach to try and up my mileage again slowly and also to prevent burn out. I used to not really have a plan and would run 5-10 miles 2-3 days in a row not thinking twice about it. Then (to no one's surprise) I got pretty bad shin splints and had to stop training for the last 2 weeks up to my first half marathon. I cannot even tell you how bummed out I was!

A huge goal of mine right now is to STAY CONSISTENT with my running so that I don't "run cram" right before a race. It may seem like it helps in the moment but really it doesn't help (me) much! As expected, my shin splints start to come back. Secondly, I don't know why I always act surprised when my endurance declines if I don't consistently run. Huge DUH moment. It's definitely disheartening to see your endurance decline but it also makes it that much sweeter when you gain endurance back again!

PPS, I thought this quote was pretty awesome :)

Do you "run cram"? 
Guilty. BUT working on be a smarter runner!

What's your favorite training method for running? 
I'm still working that out :)

What shoes do you run in?

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Dead ipod or a dead garmin?

I don't know what's worse: a dead ipod or a dead Garmin? Both are so very catastrophic. ESPECIALLY when it happens at the same time! Kill me.

In other news, I bought my very first car! 

I'm 99% sure I forgot to tell you guys that. Most likely due to the fact that I only have time to work now so that I can pay for the truck :) I do love her though.

I finally found an "okay" race picture of me! Usually my pictures are dreadfully horribly terribly terrible but I was okay with this one. Check out my heel strike. Terrible! Disclaimer: this was literally 1/8 mile from the finish line of my 10th half marathon and usually the rule book has flown out the window by then.

Are you runners excited for race season to pick up? I am so excited! I am super determined to train harder and (more importantly) smarter this year. Injury is the worst thing ever and can creep up on you if you aren't careful! I am making it a huge priority to train smart. Fingers crossed!

Time to get that evening run in!

What physical activity did you do today?

What physical activity do you want to try that you haven't before?
I really want to try yoga! I did one class in college and would like to try it again.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Soak up the run

Whoa, whoa, whoa! Has it been a little too quiet around here or what? Time to get refocused and back to what I enjoy. Running. Blogging. Learning. Enjoying the little things.

Why do I enjoy running?
I find it empowering. I find it difficult and a challenge. I think it teaches me discipline and gives me strength. I like the pounding feeling in my chest and the soreness of my muscles afterward. I love how good cold water tastes after a far tough run. I like getting lost in the music and lost from life for a little while. It's part of my ME time.

Tell me why you enjoy running!

As far as my social calendar goes (aka my race schedule) I have two races coming up in September! The Disneyland Half on September 1st and the Ventura Beach Half  on September 8th. My first time ever racing back to back weekends! I should probably get to training... :)

BTW, my e-mail has been crazy sketchy so if I have not responded to your e-mail by now chances are I never received it. Lame! So, if you would resend it I'd greatly appreciate it! Thanks!

Sunday, May 12, 2013


(Yesterday workout: 8.5 mile run)

Today: rest day

2 weeks from today I will be running my 10th half marathon! Crazy how fast the time has flown since my first half ever. Reading through that post I can't help but laugh at my inexperienced, naive, self. I tackled a 13.1 mile race with only 4 training runs for the entire month before that. Ridiculous! No wonder you felt like you were going to die, Danielle.

Despite my lack of training and naive attitude towards a half marathon I do look back and admire my courage. I have been blessed with some amazing opportunities in life: a trip to Europe, attending a prestigious college, and many other things that I probably don't really deserve. I don't think I would have been able to do those amazing things if I hadn't initiated the first step.

If you want something in life go after it with all of your heart and don't let the negativity of others get in your way. Do what makes you happy. Be around people who make you happy. Because life is too short to live it any other way.

I thought I'd share some life-isms. Mostly because I'm basically writing this to myself as a good reminder :)

The more you practice something, the better you get at it.
Don't shy away from opportunities, even if it makes you uncomfortable. (I'm trying to work on this right now!) Take opportunities like they are vitamins. Listen, learn, and grow. Confidence is so valuable and will benefit you in all areas of your life.

You can't change the cards that you are dealt, only how you play the hand
There is absolutely no sense in dwelling on what might have been, what could have been or what should have been. You can't rewrite the past but you can learn from it and move forward. Don't get bitter, get better. 

Don't get mad about the results you aren't getting from the effort you aren't putting in
Take responsibility for yourself and your choices. Own up to what you have control over in your life. 

Sometimes its best to just rip off the band aid
 It hurts, but then you're relieved.

Don't confuse your path with your destination
Just because its stormy now doesn't mean you aren't headed toward the sunshine.

Don't be a slave to your emotions/thoughts
The first way to drive yourself bananas is to let your emotions and thoughts drive your life. Take control ASAP or your emotions/thoughts/other people's opinions will. 

Do what makes you happy and you feel in your heart to be right because you'll be criticized anyway. 
You can't make everybody happy so there is no sense in trying.

Attitude is everything

Friday, May 3, 2013

Cupcakes AND Ice Cream!

It has been a crazy busy couple of weeks! I've been at baby showers galore (anyone else noticing that it is baby season?), working, running and even took a little trip down to San Diego to visit a friend. I was working a lot so this PYT needed a little TLC vacay in SD.

While in SD we found gluten free red velvet cupcakes. That's like an oxymoron so I had to try one.

It was pretty good but the frosting was wayyyy too rich for me. I'm not a super huge sweet tooth!

I say that as a few hours later this happened:

It was my first time ever in a Ghirardelli store! A little embarrassing, I know. Since it was my first time I couldn't just walk out of there without trying something. We all shared a hot fudge sundae and it was amazing.

BUT My favorite place was a lounge at the top of the Marriot (I think?) called the Sky Lounge (I think?) You could see Petco park from the lounge and it was just a really cool atmosphere.
{View from the top of the lounge}

Here's my goon self trying to take a selfie with the field in the background.
I guess I missed. Could be because I'm a terrible photographer or because of the Tequila. It's a close call.

Now I'm back in regular life mode again (booo!) which lead me to the realization that I have my 10th half marathon coming up in a matter of weeks!!! These next few weeks are critical for me to step it up and apply myself if I want to do well. Tomorrow will be my first long run in a while. I've been ranging between 2.5-4.5 miles at a time so tomorrow will be 6 miles. I've been taking it slow and steady to avoid increasing the likelihood of injury and I've just been so busy that running has taken the back seat. I guess that just happens sometimes, but I'll get back at it and PR soon enough :)

PS. cLook what arrived in the mail for me today as a belated birthday gift! #Winning
Lulu gift cards are like gold.

If you were going to buy an expensive piece of workout clothing would you rather drop the bills on a workout top or bottom?

For me, I'd go for the bottoms. My tops get all gross anyway and there is nothing more annoying than workout bottoms that ride up.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Tragedy in Boston

My heart aches for those affected by the tragedy of events at today's Boston Marathon.  

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Quick tips for a better workout!

There's always a few things here and there to improve any workout routine.

Let me know what you think!
  1. Focus on keeping the muscle under tension while working through your reps. (Basically, don't let your arm, leg, etc. relax completely.)
  2. Increasing and improving ROM (range of motion) is just as important for maintaining healthy joints and muscles as any other facet of "fitness". Always incorporate exercises into your routine that will improve ROM! I've seen this neglected time and time again! 
  3. A huge mistake I think many people make is concentrating on how much weight they are lifting instead of focusing on utilizing correct form. Correct form not only lessens likelyhood of injury but also teaches your body (specifically the nervous system) how to move. Initial gains in strength are from nervous system adaptations and improvements, not hypertrophy.
  4. When planning your workouts make sure to incorporate a dynamic warm-up, hit the weights, THEN do some form of energy work/cardio. Full body static stretching is not advantageous and may actually hinder your performance before a workout.
  5. Proper hydration is crucial! I definitely feel a difference in my workout when I haven't had much water that day. Your muscles are mostly water therefore they must receive adequate hydration in order to work as hard as you want them to!
  6. You will not reap as many benefits from your hard workout without proper nutrition post workout. You are most absorptive within 30 minutes post so try and make sure you eat some combination of protein + carb within that window. Many people choose a protein shake with fruit because it is easily digested and also very convenient on the go.
  7. Pre-workout food is completely debatable! I've read arguments for both sides and I believe it is truly unique with each person. Some people need a little something, some drink black coffee, some go on empty. You'll quickly figure out what your body needs before a workout.
ROM (in my unprofessional opinion) is the most neglected facet of fitness worked on which is such a shame because it is so beneficial. I should write a post soon on the best ways to improve ROM. 

Have a great Sunday everyone!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Slow Saturday

Workout - 1.5 miles, 15 min

Went on a nice, slow, relaxing run down by the beach this morning. I didn't have too much time since I have family coming to town today but I made sure I got my butt down there to get a little something in.

One day I'll get the inspiration to run on the soft sand again. I used to do that to mix it up once awhile on my leg muscles. But, at this point, I think I lost all of my leg muscles and endurance and stamina and developed black lung all at the same time. Slowly but surely I'll build it all back up.

Now I'm off to get a pedicure with my favorite two ladies. 
My mom and grandma.
How cute are they?

Manicure or pedicure?
Pedicures all day every day. Hands down.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Disney No No

If you know me at all you know I'd pretty much give up my left kidney before I ever went against Disney but I have to say, and believe me, it pains me to say this -- I think Disney over did it. Okay, I said it. Out of my system.

Have you guys heard about the Dopey Challenge? Four days filled with 48.6 miles for the average runner?!? Oh, and PS it's $495 to register for it.  Seems a little over the top cray cray if you ask me.

But who am I to talk? I paid (yet again) $170-ish? for the Disneyland Half this fall. Always keep in mind: I'm the queen of justifying everything I purchase. Maybe that's a woman thing?

I was super tempted a few months back to sign up for the Dumbo Dare but didn't even have a chance since it sold out in about 2.345 seconds. The Dumbo Dare was only a 10k Saturday followed by a half marathon Sunday. Not toooo extreme but this Dopey Challenge seems a little much.

What do you guys think? Did Disney take it a little too far or do you think it's each individuals responsibility to understand their fitness levels and take the challenge at their own risk? 

Me, personally, I think people eat up all of these Disney Challenges and want to partake in them without really considering the great feet that some of these challenges are. It doesn't seem safe to me. What do you think?

Did you run today?
-I didn't. Guilty.

What's your favorite workout song right now?

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

It takes more than just running to run

For once (in my life) I'm formulating a game plan (that lasts longer than 24 hours) in order to improve my running. I'm still learning to balance this whole "working full time" thing vs "I want to run strong in half marathons" thing. I guess that's the life of a grown up?

So what does a girl do when she wants to stay accountable? She announces to the world wide web her plans of course! I'm going to discipline myself to strength train and stretch appropriately in order to lessen the likelihood of injury because we all know injury is the worst thing on the planet.

Since I lack on excess free time nowadays I need to get the most out of my workouts. I've found what works best for me is running three days a week. One of those runs being a long run which I usually do on the weekend. I also want to incorporate daily planks and hip stretches. I really like this article for hip stretching and stabilizer strength training ideas.

Last, but definitely not least, I need to drink water like its my job. (Wouldn't that be nice!) I used to be the queen of water consumption but I've totally let it slip. I feel such a drastic improvement in my energy levels and run quality when I am well hydrated.

I know it's a simple game plan for now but I'm okay with that because once I get into the habit of these behaviors it will become second nature and the rest will start to fall in place. Then I can be more specific with my goals and working out on a consistent schedule won't seem like a chore, it will be a reflex.

What are some of your favorite stretches?

Do you run with a game plan?

PS, What do you think about when you run?

Sunday, April 7, 2013


I have been pretty MIA lately. That little thing called life hit me hard. I could bore you with excuses, but I won't. I'm ready to make more time for myself and the things that I want to do. I'm ready to get back at it! I'm ready to work out consistently, improve my nutrition, train for half marathons and overall get back in the blog scene. I hope you'll help keep me accountable and I'd love to help keep you accountable to reach your goals too! 

Sunday, February 24, 2013


Today I ran the Seaside Half Marathon in Ventura. Yet another race on a whim (aka I have been so busy that I forgot that I had back to back races in February.) Not my smartest move to have been training with one short run per week but I got out there anyway and did my best.

I wore this Nike top.

Look familiar?
Probably so because I've worn it for about a week straight. It's just so soft!

It was absolutely beautiful out today!

Unfortunately I committed the biggest runner sin ever and forgot my Garmin. I about died inside when I realized I had forgotten it.

It actually turned out okay though because it made me focus on enjoying the race running. (Imagine that!)

Although I had no idea where I was at pace wise during the race and I'm sure I had a less than stellar time I honestly can say I am super proud of myself. Physically, I am way out of shape. There is no way around it. But that's an easy fix and the least of my worries. Mentally, I was on point. I was so focused and determined to finish strong. I ran a negative split and didn't let one person pass me the entire second half of the race. I stopped counting after I had passed about 30 people. Talk about a come back!

The greatest mistake you can make in life is to continually be afraid you will make one.
Elbert Hubbard

Anyone else run this weekend? Anyone run San Diego? Tell me about it!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Making things happen

One of the best ways to making things happen is to plan ahead. It's always good to say you're going somewhere but it's better to plan out how to get there. Achieving big plans (for instance, running a marathon) requires lots of little plans (running a certain amount of days/miles per week.)

Commit to a big plan or goal but also commit to the little goals.

A lot of people blow off little goals but in all honesty they really matter. Start somewhere and keep moving... that's how you set yourself up for success.

The other great thing about little goals is that they build your confidence and set you up for your bigger goals. It's like a domino effect. One good choice tends to lead to another good choice.

Another tip: accountability is huge. If you need someone to stay accountable to I encourage you to pick someone you will comfortable being completely honest with. There is no sense in having an accountability partner if you won't be honest. If you don't feel like you have someone in your life please e-mail me! I'd love to help you stay accountable. We are all be bff here :)

Make it your goal this week to choose a handful of things you plan to stick with all week long! Don't choose anything outrageous. Just a few, realistic, beneficial commitments.

This week my goals are to:

  1. Run 3 days this week 
  2. Do one plank a day (I've totally been slacking on these)
  3. Drink more water
  4. Bring my lunch everyday to work (this will be a toughy for me!)

What will you commit to this week?

Sunday, February 10, 2013


There's bad races, then there's not so good races... then there was the race I had today. Today I ran the Ventura Half Marathon. I believe it was the 12th annual race? The beneficiary for the race was Habitat for Humanity.

  It's a small and local which I always love.
{Picture from last year's race}

They had a staggered start which I also love. I was originally signed up to run with the "fast" start (because of my qualifying time) at 8am but decided I better play it safe and do the 7am start. My training has been all over the place and so have my paces so I figured this was my best option. Going slow is better than not going at all.

I used Clif Shot Blocks for energy gels this race. I had never used them before but I liked them. Good flavor, but I didn't think they were as potent as the gels. Maybe that's just me though?

Do you energy gels for fuel? What about candy? I've never tried candy during a race but I heard it works well.

Let's just be honest: I showed up to the start line already defeated.

The first mile I always feel pretty good then 3-5 tend to be hard mentally for me. It's like I'm not in the groove yet and tend to focus on how much further I have to go while I should be focusing on how grateful I am to be out there, healthy, doing what  I enjoy. I tend to forget about that when way too busy having a pity party for one.
Then I realize no one showed up at the party except me and its not making me go any faster so I get out of the bitter barn for miles 6-9. Somehow I usually get a burst of energy during these miles. I finally start to into a good rhythm and my pace tends to pick up.

Then 10-11 I think start "okay...I'm ready to be done" and 13 it's all about "where the crap is the finish line!?!"

Can't win them all! I (try to) take each race as a lesson for the next one. Lesson from today: I need to keep reminding myself that even if I only have 30 min to run it's better to get out and get a few miles in rather than skip the workout completely.

"I would rather be standing at the top of a hill that I just dominated unable to breathe, ready to puke, hair matted to my face than at the bottom wondering what it would feel like."
Just need to keep moving forward! 

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Getting back in the swing of things

This is the view from my run this morning. I had the (brilliant) epiphany Friday after work that I have another half marathon race coming up and I have been slacking in the running department for sure (oops!) So I figured I better get my butt out the door this weekend and pound some pavement. Luckily, the weather was super nice!

Over the two days I accumulated about 10 miles or so. For me, training isn't always about how fast or far I go.. it's about clearing my head so timing the miles was irrelevant for me.

This weekend was a good reminder for myself about how much I enjoy running and a big kick myself in the rear moment for I-better-stay-consistent-or-I-will-not-be-a-happy-camper.

 Getting out of a shape is easy. Getting back into shape is hard. Dear self: stay in shape.

Some food for thought
I saw this quote online today and thought it was so true. 
You get out of life what you put into it.

‎''You will notice that those who speak most of prosperity, have it. Those who speak most of health, have it. Those who speak most of sickness, have it. Those who speak most of poverty, have it. It is Law. It can be no other way…The way you feel is your point of attraction, and so, the Law of Attraction is most understood when you see yourself as a magnet getting more and more of the way you feel. When you feel lonely, you attract more loneliness. When you feel poor, you attract more poverty. When you feel sick, you attract more sickness. When you feel unhappy, you attract more unhappiness. When you feel healthy and vital and alive and prosperous—you attract more of all of those things'' 

I'm going to work on being a positive force in as many areas of my life as I can be. 

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Food for thought

I saw this article online today and I just had to share it with you. I'd love to hear your thoughts.

10 Smart Things I've Learned from People Who Never Went to College

1.  You can learn something useful from anyone.
Whenever we find ourselves ignoring someone because we’ve already determined that they aren’t “smart” enough to say something meaningful, we’ve made a big mistake. Besides being presumptuous and arrogant, this mindset blocks out every useful thing the other person might pass along. Instead of just listening and mining the conversation for nuggets of wisdom, we allow our pre-existing bias to brand everything as  “not smart enough for me.” Incredibly bad idea. I’ve yet to meet someone who couldn’t teach me something.
2. If quality slips, it really doesn’t matter how good your ideas were.
This one I learned from a couple of my uncles who worked as quality control specialists on assembly lines. The most ingenious design plans, no matter how many brains contributed to them, can fatally falter in the execution phase if quality slips.  This is equally true for intangible plans.  Imparting greatness requires a continuum of effort and attention, not just an initial brain-fueled flurry to get exemplary ideas on paper.
3. Don’t ever let a bully intimidate you – not even once.
Now, some might say this one is too dogmatic because it’s possible to allow a bully to intimidate you in the short term so you can get the upper hand in the long term. But the best advice I ever received about this came from a retired truck driver who said, paraphrasing, “When you let a bully intimidate you, the bully doesn’t necessarily win, but you definitely lose.” What he meant was, you lose upstairs where the loss takes a progressively worse toll on your psyche. Yes you can recover from that, but it’s going to take a lot more effort to bring your self-esteem up to par again than if you’d stood your ground to begin with. Reasonable people can differ on this, of course, but I think it’s sound advice.
4. Reciprocity is the name of the relationship game and always will be.
If you can’t find it in yourself to return a favor, or give back more than you got when someone helped you out of a bind, then you are relationship handicapped. While this may seem like basic intuitive logic (and it is), it’s amazing how often it’s ignored.  While relationships shouldn’t be tit for tat arrangements, the underlying willingness to reciprocate—even if it’s really hard to do—must be there for the relationship to grow and flourish. None of us are one-way streets.
5. Learning is good; Doing is better.
Well, ok, this one is a little bit on the nose.  Learning is more than good – it’s essential. Learning is the elixir that makes the human brain the most powerful organic decision-making and problem-solving tool on the planet.  The main point here (passed on to me by a former co-worker) is that there’s a certain magic in doing that many people simply miss out on. You can learn a lot about car engines, but until you get under the hood and work on one, you can’t see just how remarkable an invention these machines we take for granted truly are.  That’s one example of thousands, but the same principle applies.
6. Kindness isn’t optional.
Kurt Vonnegut famously said, “There’s only one rule that I know of… you’ve got to be kind.”  Why do some people just “get” this while others find being kind a chore? Personally, I think it has a lot to do with our need to feel right, and an attendant unwillingness to consider that maybe we really aren’t right, and it’s not worth treating another person unkindly to prove whatever point is on the table. Besides that, being unkind is illogical because it only incites unkindness aimed at you, and who wants that?
7. You can survive anything (assuming it doesn’t physically kill you).
More than one person has said something like this to me, and I think it’s dead on right.  Often it’s rumination about how we won’tsurvive this or that calamity that really gets us. But usually we can find the inner reserves to overcome just about anything, and will probably surprise ourselves that we pulled it off.  I’m not saying it won’t hurt like hell, or bring us to our very brink, but we usually give ourselves far too little credit for being able to overcome difficulty.  I won’t quote Nietzsche here, but you get the point.

8. Get a dog.
I suppose this one could also be “get a cat” or a fish for that matter, but as someone once told me, there’s something about a dog that brings out the best in its owners.  Companionship with a beast brimming with unconditional love does a body good – especially when hard times hit.

9. Money is important, but experience is invaluable.
I honestly can’t recall where I first heard this but I’m putting it on this list anyway because I think it’s really important. When you buy something, you’ll enjoy that thing for awhile, but our in-built tendency toward habituation will eventually assert itself and the thing will become yet another thing we own. When we invest in experience, however, we are buying memories, and new learning, and new ways of thinking, and a whole lot more.  Those are things that become part of who we are, and no physical item can touch that dollar for dollar.
10. Just be ready.
We’ll end with a nice bit of simple logic. Just be ready…for anything. Quoting that inestimable philosopher, Mike Tyson, “Everyone has a plan – until they get punched in the face.”  Exactly.  So be ready to get punched in the face, and then refer back to #7 on this list.

What do you think? True? False? I think I agree with most of it.

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