Sunday, December 9, 2012

No brainer

With the craziness that has encompassed the past few weeks it didn't even dawn on me that in order to do well in a half marathon you do, in fact, have to train. Especially if you're someone like me who has absolutely no genetic build to be a strong distance runner.

I finished. I'll give myself that because 13 miles is 13 miles. And I'll give myself credit that I ran both hills strongly. Other than that, I had a crappy attitude and the race kicked my butt. I deserved every bit of that bad race. 

While I was having a pity party for one during the race I started to think. A lot. I felt frustrated because people kept passing me but you know what? I deserved to be passed. I know there are people who put in months worth of training to run only one half marathon a year. This was my 7th and I had only run three times in the past two months. Keep in mind, all of these runs were under 5 miles.

Sometimes I think it's good to be humbled and reminded that 1. running is a gift. and 2. things worth having are worth putting in the work for. If I want to improve my times I need to put in the work and there's no way around it. 

At the end of the day, it's always fun to get out there and race. It's a fun atmosphere and I truly enjoy it but I think I'll enjoy it even more once I get back in a training routine. As unbelievable as this may sound, I'm glad this race kicked my butt because I think it was just the push I needed to get back on track. 

Santa to the Sea Half Marathon
Finish time of 2:19

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  1. Training runs totaling 15 miles leading up to a Half marathon race? Why race at all?... Hell, I'd run if I paid the entrance fee I guess. I usually wait to register at the last minute. I know late registration cost more specially in big corporate races like friggin RnR but If you look for small races and support your local race directors you'll find they are way cheaper and much better quality runs and experience.

    I'm railing on you because this is your 7th race and you are no longer excused with newbie mentality and mistakes. As an experience runner with a blog you now have a responsibility to improve our sport and pass on and preach good information.

    This will sound snobby but it is not directed at newbies. I'm ok with newbies discovering and experiencing the sport But there is a point where they are no longer newbies and they start giving our sport a bad rap.

    1) Why do newbies start with such long ass races like the half marathon or marathon? and continue to run them year after year?! Real runners started racing in high school with 1600m races then 3200m then XC 3 milers then in college we moved up to 10K. After college we moved on to Half marathon and then the marathon. That is the Effing progression. Today's newbie runners did not start in high school or college and that's OK but they still need to build that base. There are All-Comer meets at CSUN where you can run 1600m race for only $5 . Also for only $5 there are 3 mile races throughout the summer at College of the Canyons, Palmdale High desert runners and Pierce college. Why pay over $100 for a long ass half marathon race when you can run $5 short races and build your base ?

    2) Garmins, Compression socks and buying expensive ass Newton shoes. All bad rap for our sport. Newbies buy such expensive gear and make us runners look snobby (I may be talking snobby but I don't look snobby.. i think) . We don't need any of that shit. just shoes, shorts and t-shirt. keep it simple.

    3) Training plans and running group pacers. What a joke. Just go out and run and run fast. Get to know yourself. If you start placing high in races then get a coach because that will push you to next level but till then take a chill pill and enjoy the runs.Join a running group to hang out after, they have lot of good advise and different sometimes conflicting advice between members and your job is to decipher and make it your own.

    And one more thing, not related to newbies, I hate charity runs. There are too many. It's okay to have a few but not all. There should be a race just for racing and not benefit any cause. A race that benefits some charity is an excuse to raise the entry fee. If you want to be charitable then be charitable don't delegate your charity to your race director.

    Pass this on to your newbie readers.
    1) Do more local short 1 mile and 5K races.
    2) support your local race directors.
    3) don't pay entry fee a year in advance that's stupid, pay the late fee or look for another race.


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