Thursday, October 18, 2012

Two half marathons

For yesterday's run I played the game of how many different colors can I wear at once. Anyone ever play that game? I think it's time to do some laundry.

I received a few e-mails this week requesting that I document what exactly I'm doing to prepare for my next race:

*Since I'm 4 days out I am upping my water and aiming for at least 3L of plain water per day. I don't count other liquids such as juice, coffee, etc. in the 3L.

*I am starting NOW to transition to bland foods. My body is very sensitive and I'm hoping that switching to blander foods now will set me up for a stomach issue free race.

*My last workout will be Friday morning (2 days before the race) and won't be too leg intensive.

*RELAXING mentally is something I'm really trying to focus on doing. If I turn into a head case and obsess over every little aspect of what I should still do, shouldn't have done, etc. it never does any good. I'm working on finding the balance between being competitive and enjoying the race.

*I've already accepted this won't be a PR (or at least the odds aren't in my favor for one.) My shins have been acting up periodically and I've been getting in too many "junk miles." I need to be more disciplined about training if I want to seriously improve.

But, this doesn't mean I won't give it my all! Just because I'm not in my best shape doesn't mean I can't do well. Plus, I still have another race next weekend at LA Rock'n'Roll so I need to factor that in there. Two half marathons on back to back weekends could be a little interesting.

For more information, here's an article with 5 tips for running your first half-marathon incase you're interested.

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