Thursday, October 11, 2012

The moment you flip a coin

I am the type of person who can get overwhelmed if I have too many options - especially if none of the options seem that bad. I'm very forward minded but sometimes that backfires on me. It backfires because I think of all the possible scenarios, both good and bad, then shy away from following through in fear that it won't work out. I'm guilty of dwelling on the past and trying to pointlessly rewrite it all while trying to isolate the moment it all went awry. 

I've been so guilty of this lately. I keep looking back in a negative way wondering, "where did it all go wrong?" and "how did I end up here?" Instead, I should be focusing on the exciting and promising hope of the future. I get to write the story MYSELF. It can be overwhelming at times but liberating nonetheless. I need to work on taking a leap of faith.

I saw this quote today and wondered if you guys had any thoughts about it,

The moment you flip a coin, you know what your decision is. Not because of the side it landed, but because in the few seconds the coin was in the air, you knew what you wanted. 

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