Sunday, October 14, 2012

I signed up for a marathon

Well, this happened.
That's right. Danielle is doing her first full marathon May 2013.

I'm still trying to find a good training plan to follow. I've been considering this one. Any suggestions?

My biggest fear with tackling a 26.2 mile race is to acquire some kind of injury during training. We already know I'm susceptible to shin splints so I need to be very proactive about stretching, icing, and listening to my body when it needs a rest day. I can be horrible about stretching post workout! How often do you stretch? Before, after, or during your run?

Questions From You

"How many times do you run a week?"
I generally run 3 times per week. Usually two "shorter" runs (3-5 miles) and 1 longer (7-10 miles). 

"Is it okay to stop during your run?"
I'm not afraid to stop in the middle of my runs especially to stretch. I used to be paranoid about stopping but now I don't take any chances. I'd rather stop than increase my chance for injury. I always advise people that it's best to listen to your body. Stopping or slowing down may also be an effective form of interval training that will help you in the long run. 

"Why do I feel like I'm going to DIE the first mile every time I go running? How can I get over this?"
This issue may have to do with how often you're running. If your runs are schedule too far apart your body can't successfully adapt and your endurance and overall fitness may be hindered. A second possibility may be that you're starting off too fast. Let your body ease into the run. Another issue may that your body still need a better warm up. I'm an advocate for dynamic warm ups to get your muscles warm and heart rate up.

 If you have a question about running or any other topic shoot me an e-mail and I'll do my best to get it answered for you! E-mail:

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