Thursday, September 6, 2012

Advice for Over Night Races

Reader Jess asked, "any advice for over night races? I seem to always be frantically looking for something race morning!"
I hate to pack almost as much as I hate to unpack. I am also notorious for forgetting something every time I go out of town or forgetting where the heck I packed it! So, ziplock bags are my BFF and seg-way into becoming more organized.

I try and keep all of my electronics and chargers together.

(I forgot to snap a picture of just the electronics but they have their own little bag, I promise!)

As well as my hair accessories, bobby pins, back up hair tie, etc.
I even put my pre-race food and Gu's together just for convenience. 
Inside the Lululemon bag is my race outfit (top, sports bra, bottoms, socks and underwear.) I do this so that in the morning while everyone else is still sleeping I can just grab the bag, sneak into the hotel bathroom and change quickly.
Do you guys have any tips for traveling?

Just got this sample pack in the mail! Can't wait to try all of the flavors out. So far I'm all about the lemon lime flavor. Have you tried Nuun before? 

A few thoughts...
I loved what you guys said in this post!
When you decide to commit to a healthy lifestyle do it for you, not because someone tells you to. Be confident in the direction you're going. Don't let people's negative comments get you down. You will find that many people don't understand this "lifestyle" but its only because they're so accustomed to what society has told us a diet should be not what our bodies actually need. Always remember that you're doing this for YOU! Many people will question what they don't understand but don't be disheartened. Your body will be your biggest feedback tool for if your lifestyle is healthy or not. Trust me, if your body wanted more food, less exercise, etc. it will let you know in more ways than one!

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  1. I just recently found your blog and am enjoying it very much! I just ordered some Nuun and I can't wait to try it.

    I'm still in the early days of my weight loss/fitness journey, and it's true... I had to get to the point where I was doing it for myself, no one else could talk me into it.


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