Thursday, July 19, 2012

Time out

Life is one big whirlwind of change right now so I wanted to take the time to debrief and refocus. (Note: this post is mostly for my sanity, so if you don't want to read my rambling I completely understand. Go check out this post instead; can't go wrong with clean treats.)

The months just keep flying by. Wasn't it just Ojai to Ocean? Wait, that was over a month and a half-ago and now we're closer to August than the 4th of July which felt like it was yesterday.

When I was on vacation in Las Vegas over the weekend I really had an eye opener. I felt like crap the entire time; my energy levels were so low, coffee didn't help and neither did the mass amounts of alcohol I consumed. (I'm completely exaggerating about the "mass" part, but I definitely had a few drinks while I was away.)

Sometimes I think its good to hit a wall like that because it makes you remember why you chose to make healthier decisions in the first place. First and foremost, I want to feel better. Don't get me wrong colonoscopies and IBS issues are so much fun but I'd rather take the less messy route.

Second thing I realized from this trip: I am so great at making ridiculous excuses. I should be a professional excuse maker. "Well, everyone else is eating it." "Just this once!" "I'll get back on track later today." "I deserve to eat that" Yeah, right. The time to be on track is now, not later. You'll thank yourself later for staying on track. I'm working on getting that through my thick skull.

Granted, don't get me wrong here, I am all about living a little because I don't think a diet of tilapia and asparagus could work for someone like me (or most people in general for that matter.) The key is balance and when I feel out of balance in one area, it tends to spill into other areas of my life too. It can be too overwhelming to revamp everything at once so I'm focusing on getting on track day by day until it becomes second nature again.

Another important tidbit of information about my vacation...I also lost my first toe nail while in Vegas. I feel like a real runner now. I was waiting and waiting... kinda like groundhogs day in runner's world and then bam woke up and it was gone. Luckily I had a "nub" already growing in. TMI? Sorry.

Lastly, this is my workout accountability for the day
It was plank city in the FGD household today. Here I am post plank, post workout, my best, clearly. I've been all about planks lately. Here's a great video that includes a bunch of plank progressions and variations.

Anyone else like planks? 
Have you ever lost a toenail?


  1. Big time planker, right here! I also hit walls of yuck, especially with eating. I let my sweet tooth get out of control too often!

    That's good your mini-toenail is already on its way in! I lost one last November, and just in the last couple of months have I started to wear sandals again. That junk was not for the faint.

  2. I lost a toenail last marathon training sequence, YUCK! Switched up the shoes this time.


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