Wednesday, July 25, 2012

August: Get Focused, Get Results Challenge!

For the entire month of August Fit Girl Daily will be hosting a Get Focused, Get Results Challenge! I'll admit, July I was off track in many ways both physically and mentally. For August I am determined to get right back on track and headed straight towards achieving my goals. This entire month we are going to get focused, make changes, and most definitely see results! I will be posting as many tools as I can for you guys to really hone in on committing to a healthier lifestyle.

I am super excited for this because I will be with you every step of the way! I will be posting my meal plans, workouts, tips, and videos updating you with how I'm doing the entire time. I am just as nervous as you are to commit to "no cheats" for a month but I am determined to not let you guys down. I know it's tough, but I know it's worth it.

I will be posting a "note" on Facebook for the challenge so that everyone can find most of the resources there for the challenge as well as have another outlet to share tips, ask questions, and encourage each other! 

The biggest tool I want you to utilize from this is a huge support group. I want everyone to be blowing up the Fit Girl Daily wall with how their feelings (negative or positive), tips, advice and encouragement for others.  If you need to cry for help on there... go for it! Message me! Talk to me! I WANT TO BE THERE FOR YOU! We're in this together and leaving no one behind! 

SO, what are we going to do in August? 
  • We're not going to let food control us.
  • We're not going to beat ourselves up.
  • We're going to eat as clean as we can!
  • We're going to drink lots of water and cut out all sodas!
  • We're going to exercise!
  • We're going to encourage each other!
  • We're going to plan, execute and succeed! 
I will be posting as many tips as I can the entire month. Leading up to August 1st, I will be posting a grocery list, planning advice, and giving you tools so that you will succeed! 4 weeks is all I'm asking you to commit to. I can guarantee that if you join me in this journey you will see results. Let's make it happen!

Message me, write on my Facebook wall, e-mail me... seriously, I want to hear from you and get you moving in the right direction.

We start on August 1st!

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  1. I'm so "IN"!! Fun fun. Great minds think alike. On my page, I introduced a similar month-long healthy habits challenge. Woohoo :)
    Absolutely fabulously yours in fitness & wellness,


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