Tuesday, July 31, 2012

ME Inspired Workouts

These are Metabolic Effect inspired workouts to use for our Get Focused, Get Results Challenge! If you do not have this book I highly recommend it. I bought mine on Amazon for about $11 and use it all the time. As always, let me know if you have any questions!

Choose one of the exercise combinations from the lists below:

1. Squat/Row
2. Chest Press/Crunch
3. Squat/Bicep Curl
4. Squat/Shoulder Press

1. Lunge/Side raise
2. Sqaut/Bicep Curl/Extension
3. Push up/Row
4. Squat/Bent-over fly

1. Static squat/Row/Fly
2. Chest press/Crunch
3. Curl/Extension
4. Squat/Press

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Get Focused, Get Results: Grocery List

Get Focused, Get Results
Grocery List

*Note: you do not necessarily need to purchase everything on this list. You do not to eat exclusively from this list. Use this list as an example more than anything else. I wanted to show you guys diet staples of many “clean eater” diets. E-mail me with any questions!

Oat flour
Almond flour
Sweet potatoes
Ezekiel breads, tortillas, wraps

Spinach (frozen or fresh)
Brussel Sprouts
Romaine Lettuce
Green Beans
Egg Plant
Bell Peppers (red, green, yellow)
(Any veggie, essentially)


Lean Ground Turkey
Lean Ground Chicken
Chicken Breasts
Sliced Turkey
Grass-fed Beef

Spices, etc.
Protein Powder
Mrs. Dash No Salt Seasonings (any)
Unsweetened Cocoa
Unsweetened Almond Milk
Non-fat Milk
Low Sodium Salsa
Non-fat Cottage Cheese
Non-fat Unsweetened Greek Yogurt
Pasteurized Egg Whites

The Spices, etc. section is in my opinion the most vital part of this whole list. These are the staples that you'll probably use most often.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

August: Get Focused, Get Results Challenge!

For the entire month of August Fit Girl Daily will be hosting a Get Focused, Get Results Challenge! I'll admit, July I was off track in many ways both physically and mentally. For August I am determined to get right back on track and headed straight towards achieving my goals. This entire month we are going to get focused, make changes, and most definitely see results! I will be posting as many tools as I can for you guys to really hone in on committing to a healthier lifestyle.

I am super excited for this because I will be with you every step of the way! I will be posting my meal plans, workouts, tips, and videos updating you with how I'm doing the entire time. I am just as nervous as you are to commit to "no cheats" for a month but I am determined to not let you guys down. I know it's tough, but I know it's worth it.

I will be posting a "note" on Facebook for the challenge so that everyone can find most of the resources there for the challenge as well as have another outlet to share tips, ask questions, and encourage each other! 

The biggest tool I want you to utilize from this is a huge support group. I want everyone to be blowing up the Fit Girl Daily wall with how their feelings (negative or positive), tips, advice and encouragement for others.  If you need to cry for help on there... go for it! Message me! Talk to me! I WANT TO BE THERE FOR YOU! We're in this together and leaving no one behind! 

SO, what are we going to do in August? 
  • We're not going to let food control us.
  • We're not going to beat ourselves up.
  • We're going to eat as clean as we can!
  • We're going to drink lots of water and cut out all sodas!
  • We're going to exercise!
  • We're going to encourage each other!
  • We're going to plan, execute and succeed! 
I will be posting as many tips as I can the entire month. Leading up to August 1st, I will be posting a grocery list, planning advice, and giving you tools so that you will succeed! 4 weeks is all I'm asking you to commit to. I can guarantee that if you join me in this journey you will see results. Let's make it happen!

Message me, write on my Facebook wall, e-mail me... seriously, I want to hear from you and get you moving in the right direction.

We start on August 1st!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Time out

Life is one big whirlwind of change right now so I wanted to take the time to debrief and refocus. (Note: this post is mostly for my sanity, so if you don't want to read my rambling I completely understand. Go check out this post instead; can't go wrong with clean treats.)

The months just keep flying by. Wasn't it just Ojai to Ocean? Wait, that was over a month and a half-ago and now we're closer to August than the 4th of July which felt like it was yesterday.

When I was on vacation in Las Vegas over the weekend I really had an eye opener. I felt like crap the entire time; my energy levels were so low, coffee didn't help and neither did the mass amounts of alcohol I consumed. (I'm completely exaggerating about the "mass" part, but I definitely had a few drinks while I was away.)

Sometimes I think its good to hit a wall like that because it makes you remember why you chose to make healthier decisions in the first place. First and foremost, I want to feel better. Don't get me wrong colonoscopies and IBS issues are so much fun but I'd rather take the less messy route.

Second thing I realized from this trip: I am so great at making ridiculous excuses. I should be a professional excuse maker. "Well, everyone else is eating it." "Just this once!" "I'll get back on track later today." "I deserve to eat that" Yeah, right. The time to be on track is now, not later. You'll thank yourself later for staying on track. I'm working on getting that through my thick skull.

Granted, don't get me wrong here, I am all about living a little because I don't think a diet of tilapia and asparagus could work for someone like me (or most people in general for that matter.) The key is balance and when I feel out of balance in one area, it tends to spill into other areas of my life too. It can be too overwhelming to revamp everything at once so I'm focusing on getting on track day by day until it becomes second nature again.

Another important tidbit of information about my vacation...I also lost my first toe nail while in Vegas. I feel like a real runner now. I was waiting and waiting... kinda like groundhogs day in runner's world and then bam woke up and it was gone. Luckily I had a "nub" already growing in. TMI? Sorry.

Lastly, this is my workout accountability for the day
It was plank city in the FGD household today. Here I am post plank, post workout, pre-shower...at my best, clearly. I've been all about planks lately. Here's a great video that includes a bunch of plank progressions and variations.

Anyone else like planks? 
Have you ever lost a toenail?

Saturday, July 14, 2012

My first running clinic

So last Saturday I went to my first running clinic. Overall, I really liked the program and thought it was really beneficial. I'm very excited to share with you guys what I learned!

The clinic started with Mr. Diaz video taping each of us running on the treadmill in multiple views. He highlighted what he looks for in each of his running clients which helped us analyze each other's strides. At first I had a hard time "seeing" what he was seeing in each stride but then for some reason it just clicked and I picked it up pretty quickly. We then discussed proper form (more detail below) and headed outside to do drills to correct our form. After the drills we took to the streets for a light run then headed back to the studio to finish up with heart rate training.

I broke down what I thought were valuable lessons from the clinic:

Heart Rate
Heart rate training is extremely valuable. The "one size fits all" approach may work for some people, but VO2 Max testing allows a running professional such as Mr. Diaz to give you actual training ranges best suited to reach your goals. Think about it: a 2 minute recovery may work for you but may not work for someone else. Heart rate is extremely individual which is why Mr. Diaz advocates heart rate training. Good thing I have my Garmin! (I also just saw Garmin 405 selling at my local Target for 65.99! What a steal! Definitely worth the money if you're thinking about getting a heart rate monitor and GPS watch!)

Mr. Diaz also said that using the old 220-your age is not accurate! The best range he advised (besides testing obviously) is 180-your age to be your "steady state" run. Use that number the majority of the time (80%) and train at a higher heart rate about 20% of the time. This will improve your running in the long run (no pun intended) as you will be able to travel more distance, faster at the lower heart rate.

1. Don't heel strike. Most people heel strike without even realizing it.
2. Don't overstride. Another huge injury risk. When you extend your leg out you are making your knee and hip very vulnerable hence why those are both areas that can be trouble for runners. Try your best to land below your body.
3. "Lead with your knees" so that your center of gravity is below you when you land. This also ensures that you land below your body and not in front of it.
4. Land on your midfoot as much as possible, not your toes and definitely not your heels.
5. Run with your arms swinging straight forward and back in line with your body and keep elbows bent at about a 90 degree angle. This keeps your upper body and consequently your lower body moving in the same sagittal plane. When you "sway" or "twist" from side to side you are increasing the likelihood of injury.
6. Bounce as little as possible. You are wasting energy and increasing your ground impact when you bounce.

Do not be fooled by the "thick heel" on running shoes - they are not meant for you to pound on! Mr. Diaz was an advocate for zero drop shoes and sold Altras in his store. 
He didn't really like the shoes I use (Nike Frees) but it definitely wasn't the worst one of the group. He also said that Newtons can be acceptable if your train in them right. 

What shoes do you run in?

Mr. Diaz was an advocate for dynamic stretching pre-run, not static stretching. I've heard numerous times that its best to "warm up" your muscles by easing your muscles into the activity you are about to partake in opposed to traditional stretching. 

How do you warm up for a run? 

Have you heard of any of these tips before?

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Why do you run?

On 4th of July I ran the Harbor Run 10k at Channel Islands harbor. I did this race by myself which was a little different but I actually kind of liked it. It's a local race so it was only about a 15 minute drive for me.

The morning started off smooth; got to the start line early, easily picked up my bib and had no lines for the Porta Potties. Score. 

I really think the absolute worst part about racing (besides the bad costume choices) are the Porta Potties. They're disgusting! People: please do us all a favor and don't miss the big black hole! 

Enough potty talk.... the race started pretty much on time. I ran my first mile in 8:05 then attempted to maintain that pace. It didn't last long as my shin began aching. I think I held the pace till about mile 1.5 then it was a slow, painful, death filled with bursts of 8:15 min/mile pace and walk breaks. I should have started off slower.

Around mile 4 I tried to slow my pace down to 9:15-9:30s but that didn't even help. So I sucked it up had running with walk intervals and hobbled to the finish at 58:07. 

After the race I didn't really want to talk to anyone. I was just kind of beating myself up in my own head, frustrated and physically aching. It was a long walk back to my car.

It made me wonder (again) why the heck do I do this?  I spend so much time, energy and money on running. Is it even worth it? Why do I race? When do I even run?

People don't seem to understand my addiction but thats okay by me. I don't run to impress anybody. If I did that, I'd of stopped a long time ago. I run solely for myself. My running is selfish, its me time, its  to gain mental strength and blow off stress.

Why I run:

Oh yeah, that's why I run. Time to suck it up, improve my training and run with my heart. 

Why do you run?

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

DHP running clinic

So after continually battling shin splints for an eternity the past few months I finally decided to take action beyond what I can do at home (stretching, icing, foam rolling, etc.)

Yesterday Eric and I headed to DHP in Camarillo. "Diaz Human Performance is home to a variety of specialized services, such as VO2 Max Testing, Womens Fitness, Gait Analysis, Triathlon and Marathon Training Programs " (source) I had done a little research on DHP before I visited for the first time yesterday to see what they had to offer. I found out that along with their studio in Camarillo they are a part of the Natural Running Network.

Here's a little video from their website about their program 
In the video, Diaz talks about what Natural Running is and what they specifically focus on (i.e. Mechanics of movement, how to successfully employ heart rate for training, functional strength, etc.) I actually got to talk to him yesterday about running and he was extremely friendly and knowledgeable!

Diaz told me about a 3 and a half hour running clinic they are offering this Saturday and invited me to join! I am super excited to be able to share some of what I learn with you guys! I expect Saturday to be extremely beneficial. In the clinic I will have the opportunity to get my form corrected which he believes will help end my shin splints once and for all. YES! We will go over form, drills, heart rate training, taping, etc.

Eric is also going to tag along with me to learn from Mr. Diaz as well so it will be something fun that we can do together.

Have you ever been to a running clinic? 

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