Saturday, June 30, 2012

The time I ran an impromptu 5k race

So last Wednesday I had the genius last minute idea to join Eric in running a local 5k race. The race started around 6:15PM and I made the glorious, thought out, brilliant decision to join him in the race around 5PM.

I had never run a 5k race before so I really had no idea what to expect. The first thing I noticed was that it is so different from half-marathon running! People were like, running fast. A real no brainer that I hadn't considered.

Since about an hour is clearly enough time to prepare for a race I was bound to do well. Some people train weeks or months for 5k races; I defy all of them by going an hour later. I wasn't fully hydrated, I barely stretched and didn't take any Ibuprofin before the run... just setting myself up for disaster.

Despite my lack of preparation I was still excited to run. Racing is always fun no matter how big or small the race is but racing with aching shins is not fun under any circumstance. I felt them ache from the moment the race started. I was able to push through the pain during mile 1 but it just went down hill from there. 

After 1.4 miles I started talking walk breaks. My shins felt like they were about to give out. It was horrible. I'd take a walk break then start up again clenching through the pain and hoping they would go numb but they just got worse and worse. 

I ended up finishing in 28:29 which isn't stellar (for me) but I'll take it. My splits were:
Mile 1: 8:20
Mile 2: 9:02 <---I was actually starting this mile out around a 7:45 pace but then ended up walking a portion of it. Bummer.
Mile 3: 10:10 <---Lots of walk-run-almost-falling-over-in-pain-intervals
Still not meeting my goal of negative splits but I refuse to give up on that. 

What frustrates me the most is that my shins are so moody! I thought I was the moody one around here but apparently my shins took the crown. One day they're fine and the next they're filled with stabbing pains. So frustrating.

Someday I will run pain free again and reach every goal I have. I'm off to foam roll, ice and massage these shin splints away before my next race on 4th of July (a 10k).

I'm still chasing my dreams.


  1. Still a good run for being in pain! I almost ran an impromptu race this morning (decided last night), but I canned the idea when I woke up with a headache. :( I really wanted to run it though!

  2. Even for being in pain that's a good time! Hope your shins feel better today :)

    I am considering doing an mpromptu 5k on the 4th's super cheap (13.50) so ....I just need to make up my mind, lol.

  3. Impromptu races are the best! So much less time to worry about performance and a built-in excuse if it doesn't go well. :)


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