Friday, June 8, 2012

Ojai to Ocean Race Recap

Since I was going into this race with little expectation and a lot of anxiety I really had no idea what was going to happen. No idea why I feel so anxious before every race; it's not like my life depends on it or I'll get fired if I don't PR. I even get pre-race nightmares where I forget my shoes or can't find the start line! Do you get bad dreams before races or am I just a weirdo?

Anyway, I woke up at 4:30am, got dressed and put on make up because there were race photos and I do not want to look like this again:
I have a little more pride this time. Who is that zombie?
It's my own personal opinion here but I'd rather be looking a little cute while shoving bananas and Think Thin bars down my throat post race.

Here I am in all my glory eating a Clif Bar before the race
Along with a clif bar, I try and drink about 16oz of water before the start. My pre-race hydration was spot on this time in my opinion.

Got to the start line. Pinned on my bib. Used the luxurious Porta-Potti. Waited to start.
The race was supposed to start at 6 but didn't end up starting until about 6:15. Kind of annoying but I was chatting with my friend so I forgave them for starting late.

The first few miles flew by. I was surprised at how fast the time and miles were ticking! I think it was partially because I was so excited to see my friends and family along the route. I kept telling myself, "okay, a few more miles, then you'll see them cheering you on!"It's amazing how much a great support system can bring you up in a race!

I kept checking my Garmin and trying to maintain a pace that didn't feel like I was "pushing it." I took note of how hard I was breathing too which I'd never really paid attention to before. A "why-didn't-I-think-of-this-before" moment.

At mile 5.7 I saw a sign that was put up for me by one of my customers! It was so thoughtful and brought on an ear to ear smile! I wish I had a picture of it.

I did, however, live up to my "terrible race picture"theme.
I cannot take a decent picture for the life of me! How the crap do you guys look good in these pictures?
This one isn't so bad.
I'm the girl on the left struggling. I think I was staring at all of the post race food.

At mile 6 I decided I better take one of my Gu's. I carry 3 with me just in case I need them. Always take the Gu before you think you need it since they take 15-20 minutes to kick in. Mile 7 came and went during which I saw Eric! Once I hit mile 8 I saw some of my friends and "family." They cheered and high-fived me. Total energy booster!

Miles 9-12 I was by myself. As I was running I started thinking about how surprised I was. I felt pretty fine! No huge aches, no pains, legs felt pretty good! I felt slow, but it wasn't stopping and wasn't in pain. To me, thats huge progress from the limping mess I was last race.

Mile 12.5 I saw my "cheering section" again that made me finish strong. Oddly enough when I crossed the finish line all that felt "bad" was my stomach. My stomach started bugging me after I had some gatorade around mile 10. Need to fix this for next race.

Now number 3 is in the books! Can't wait for my next race. I am still working on the blog about my half-marathon (or general race) tips! I want to make sure I get as much info in there as I can so I'm taking a little bit longer.

What races do you have coming up? 

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  1. Hehe ...I am SO guilty of putting on makeup for races. Though all I put on was tinted moisturizer, part of me feels silly for doing it. Congrats on your 3rd half! I just finished my 2nd 5K earlier today :)


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