Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Just a quick update

So life has been full of highs and lows lately. My brother's graduation was a high, and my grandmother having open heart surgery was definitely a low but that turned into a high because she is up and poppin'

Another high is that I've been running...
.....I'm totally going to jinx myself, I just know it.... 
.....wait for it.... 
shin splint free!
I guess there is something to that whole taking care of your body thing. Who would'a known.

I also had to let the world know that I got this super cute Lululemon top. It was worth the ridiculous 45 minutes I sat in traffic to get to Santa Barbara. It's sad how happy new workout clothes make me.

With all of the festivities going on I apologize if I delay getting back to e-mails, questions, showering, etc. I should be back to my boring blogger self soon!

Just A Head's Up
**I have some exciting collaborations coming up so keep an eye out for that!
**I am still working on my post for the One Lovely Blog Award given to me by the wonderful Amy!
**I am also is the works of writing a blog about every woman's favorite topic: cellulite! I can hear your groans from here.


  1. I won't jinx you on the shin splits, but me too!!!

  2. So glad you ran shin splint free!! Nothing worse than not being able to run when you want to so badly! I have that Lulu top in an indigo-ish blue colour. Love!

  3. Hoory for shin splint free!! I love getting new workout clothes!! You know it's bad when you walk into lulu and they greet you like an old friend... hah! Love the top!


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