Thursday, May 17, 2012

Salad talk

So yesterday was my day off today of both work and running. What did I decide to do? Try out Quiznos of course. I've never been there before! Is that Un-American? I'm not quite sure.
The whole idea sparked from a commercial of theirs I saw on TV. I am such a sucker for influential commercials and delicious looking salads.
When I walked in the door I had an image in my head of the exact salad I wanted: some kind of steak, egg, banana pepper, olive creation. But then I didn't see a steak salad on the menu! Did I dream up this salad for nothing? So I went with a Honey Mustard Chicken salad sans honey mustard.
I'm not a huge fan of cheddar cheese, but it worked. 

I can do some serious damage at a pepper bar. I really wanted to take a few more cups but I think the owner was staring me down. If you can't tell, those are stuffed full!

As you may or may not know, salads can be calorie dense and fat heavy depending on the ingredients and most importantly the dressing! One strategy I use to avoid to a lot of dressing or using any at all is loading my salads with a lot of flavor. For this salad, flavor happened to be peppers and pickles. High salt? Probably, but much better than loading on the ranch.

This is another salad I ate a few weeks back. This one was loaded with turkey, lentils, banana peppers, bell peppers, avocado, some provolone cheese, broccoli shreds and carrots. No dressing needed as long as I load up the flavor!

So sum up of advice: load up your salads with flavors you like and watch the dressings you use. There is no "right" way to make a salad so go crazy with foods you like. You may be surprised as how many veggies you can fit in there and how satisfied you'll feel after!

I'm still not quite sure I understand Quiznos. Are their really only 5 salad choices? Can I "make my own" salad? How fast can I plunge my face into their jar of banana peppers?

Clearly, I may need to try Quiznos again someday to answer all of these life changing questions.

Do you eat a lot of salads?

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