Thursday, May 10, 2012

PRO Compression Product Review

When I knew I wanted to try some compression socks I made sure that I did research before I did anything. Compression isn't cheap, but if you invest in the right products, they are definitely worth the price! I was in the market for quality and a "cool look" would have definitely been a plus. Lucky for me, PROCompression has both! 

PROCompression gave me the opportunity to review both the Marathon Socks and Trainer Low Socks

Marathon Socks
I wore these before runs, during runs, post runs, through the night and even when I was just hanging around the house. Truthfully, I found them most helpful pre-run, post run and when I wore them over night. I woke up with that "fresh legs" feeling which I love!
I didn't see a huge advantage for myself during runs, but they didn't bother me at all either! My longest run in them was about 5 miles. I think if you're putting in serious miles though, they could definitely help during runs. Especially if you're susceptible to any type of calf pain!

Speaking of calf pain.... A few nights ago I was having throbbing lower leg pain in my right leg. Like so bad I wanted to cut my leg off cry. Not shin splints pain, just a really bad ache throughout my entire lower leg. I decided to wear the marathon sock to bed instead of taking Ibuprofen. I woke up and the pain was seriously gone! It's a MIRACLE QUALITY COMPRESSION!

These socks are very tight. Not uncomfortable, just tight. In my opinion, they should be very tight; it makes me feel like they're doing their job. If they weren't, I think they'd qualify as really long socks. I'm not in the market for just a pair of really long socks.

I will definitely end up wearing them a lot as I increase my mileage. Also, since I've already had shin splints, I feel very susceptible to shin pain. Fortunately these socks have been helping me recovery properly. I truly believe they have really helped not only get rid of my shin splints but prevent future ones from popping up and ruining a run.

Another bonus, I legitimately enjoy wearing them! They make my legs feel good.
I am already guilty of wearing them on a date or two!
Me rocking some compression at Coldplay last week

Trainer Low Socks
First of all, this pink color is super cute! I know, I know, its not the most important aspect of the sock... but it definitely doesn't hurt! I've worn them running, over night, around the house and even wore them to work since I'm on my feet so much at my job!

These socks are thick in the right areas, very tight and light weight. Every woman's physique dream! But really, they're probably one of the most comfortable socks I've ever worn.

I really like how snug they are yet they're breathable at the same time. My foot feels both supported and protected.

I hate when socks don't protect my toes and these definitely offer protection! I also don't get that weird "lump" near my toes when I put them on. Know what I'm talking about? I've experienced that with other socks before.

I love this padding in the heal too - I used to get pretty rough heels but this extra padding has helped with that a lot!

Another huge plus for PROCompression, the Facebook support was awesome! 

I had a question and they responded to me the same day. I'm a huge fan of quality customer service and this is it my friends!

If I had to just pick one to buy, initially I would have definitely gone for the Marathon sock first but now that I've had more experience with the Trainers, I'm so torn! I really love both products. I definitely see myself investing in some of these guys soon. And I probably need to because my boyfriend Eric keeps trying to steal my socks!

PROCompression really is a stand up company who makes their products right here in the US. I know that they've recently sponsored a  RAGNAR team by providing them with Marathon socks.

I feel great about supporting such a wonderful company. They have a monthly newsletter with special offers that you can sign up for here! Thank you again PROCompression for letting this awesome opportunity to review a few products.

Their products are great. Their service is great. Their styles are great.
Seriously, do yourself a favor and buy a pair compression socks from PROCompression! If you're on the fence about compression, PROcompression really is a great place to start - make sure to sign up for their newsletter and keep an eye out for deals too!


  1. I feel the same about the trainer lows. Initially I wouldn't have purchased them because I was too obsessed with long socks to get the most out of the compression, but the short ones are perfect for every day runs. Love the pink too!

    And they are always having some sort of sale or deal! Love it!

  2. I got two pairs of the marathon socks for 50 bucks! I caught them on the 50% off sale with code GB50. I love them. I got the black and the blue argyle. I am wishing and hoping for the lime to come back in for S/M!


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