Thursday, May 31, 2012


For this week's Running and Reading Long post I decided to choose the topic of pacing. This topic has always fascinated me, especially since I'm now a long distance runner. That's right, little me! says,

  • "The biggest mistake you're likely to make in a half marathon is starting too fast. It's crucial that you resist the urge to go out fast at the start because you're excited. "
Um, yes. I can attest to that one. In both of my other races I started off thinking, "man I'm passing everybody!" Then a few miles in they all passed me.

  • Another tip, "If it's a large race, avoid weaving in and out of the runners at the start-this wastes a lot of energy."

Guilty again. Throughout the Tinkerbell I was weaving so much I could have made a basket!

  • "You should have settled into your desired goal pace somewhere around the first mile. Keep things under control until you're past 5 miles, and gradually start picking up your tempo. Do not pick your pace up in a short fast burst-it should be done over a half-mile or more. Speed up almost imperceptibly."
I need to work on this. Last race, I felt like my energy was evenly distributed till about mile 10 when I hit my wall. O2O I'm hoping to pace better, even if it means that I'm overall slower. I don't want to hit a major wall (or at least not at mile 10.)
  • "Try running with a group-this helps tremendously. Sharing the goal and motivating each other reduces your perceived effort. Just make sure the pack is running at your pace."
I think I'll definitely try this during the race. But, the "group" won't know that I  chose them as "my group." Does anyone else notice how about halfway through the race you end up in "a group?" That's one of my favorite aspects of racing - really makes it feel like we're in it together.

Training wise, as horrible as this may sound, I'm not even sure where I'm at right now! Incase you were wondering, yes this is the worst feeling ever. I'm just focusing on getting through Sunday's half-marathon in one piece, enjoying the race, not put too much pressure on myself, then really getting back on track. I'm am, however, learning little things about my body. For example, I don't think my body likes to run every day; especially if I want to do high mileage (aka half-marathons.) My body likes breaks and even though I don't like that mentally, I have to surrender to what my body wants in order to stay injury free. A second thing I've learned is NO DAIRY before I run. I feel like this should have been a no brainer (way to go Danielle) but now I make an effort to be more mindful about what I eat and when I eat it.


  1. Ugh, I always start out too fast. It''s a little bit of wishful thinking too when I do it.:) good luck at the race this weekend!

  2. I always start off too fast and do the weaving thing, too. I hate running in a tight pack and I just want to break free! Thanks for sharing this info.

  3. Good luck on your half-marathon tomorrow! Have faith that your fitness will carry you through - the enthusiasm will carry you through the first hald, and your training will kick in so you can rock the second! Can't wait to hear about it!

  4. Thanks for your great info about pacing. I've yet to run my first race but this gives me insight into what to expect and some helpful tips to apply during my first race! Thanks!


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