Friday, May 11, 2012

Own These Truths and Become Unstoppable

I am going to straight forward with you when I say that I absolutely love meeting people who want to change something in their life. Whether it be overcoming a battle of emotional eating, training to run a 5k, or just simply wanting to adopt healthier habits. 

When I follow other Facebook pages or blogs I always wonder: what's their story? What fuels them? What planted the seed?

For whatever reason that is personal to them, these people have decided to change something in their life. I admire that. They don't settle. They have overcome obstacles. These people should be celebrated. 

As we celebrate these people it made me think: what separates them from the rest of the pack? Why did they succeed? Why can't I succeed?

It's a hard pill to swallow realizing that I don't have it all down but its the truth; I don't. But, what I do realize is even more valuable: the truth is I can succeed. I can achieve anything I set my mind to. I am the only thing standing between me and my goals.

There is no time for excuses, only improvements. Own these 5 truths and become unstoppable:

Truth 1: No one is going to do this for you
  • Sorry, but there is no "app" for this. There is no "easy button." You could hire a personal trainer, a running coach, or a personal chef but it doesn't matter. You're either going to do it or you're not. Here's a little hidden truth about motivation: the sweetest successes are from personal perseverance. 
Truth 2: You are where you're at
  • You are not the same person you were 5 years ago. Don't dwell on how you got to where you're at. I don't care where you're coming from or how many times you've failed in the past: IT DOESN'T MATTER. You are where you're at. Pick yourself up. If you want this, you will do it. You will make time. You will plan, struggle, fight and do.
Truth 3: Don't aim for perfection, aim for improvement
  • How many people do you know that are so-called 'perfect'? Small improvements build confidence in yourself. Utilize that confidence to fuel you. Progress is the sum of small efforts day in and day out and progress is a sure way to success. 
Truth 4: You cannot change the cards you are dealt, only how you play the hand
  • You cannot change the fact that your neighbor eats dessert every night but doesn't gain a pound. You cannot change your genetics. There is absolutely no point in pointing out what others can and can't do. How is that going to get you to your goals? It's not. Focus on you and how to be the best that you can be.
Truth 5: No one has ever said this wasn't worth it
  • No one completes a marathon and says, "wow that was a waste." No one defeats the demon of emotional eating and says, "man I miss that guy."No one wants to go back to the start. This doesn't mean that they don't have set backs, it just means that they have the desire to keep going after they struggle.

"It's hard to beat a person who never gives up." 
- Babe Ruth

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  1. awesome post! I am guilty of trying to change of few of these truths but that has just been wasted efforts that could have been used toward something way more productive. I love the list!


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