Wednesday, May 30, 2012

It's the life between the miles

O2O is approaching so quickly! For those of you who don't know, I'll be running in my third half-marathon this Sunday. An on going battle with shin splints has continually set back my training but I'm trying to stay positive that I'll finish strong.

In these last couple days before the race I'm making every effort to drink more water. Last race I think I only focused on my water intake the day before which didn't work out so well. My insides were killing me the rest of the day. Apparently you can't hydrate with margaritas and coffee either. Boo. (I'm joking, I only drink margaritas post-race or days that end in "y.")

Truthfully, I wish I would have trained more. I feel like I say that before every race, but for this one its especially true. I don't think I had enough long runs in. Longest run was probably 9 miles? I wanted to hit 11 or 12 before this race but it didn't end up happening. These two little things called life and shin splints got in the way of that. Mostly the latter.

Enough griping from me, I should be grateful that I have legs and the ability to run. Plus, training runs and races are different. Training runs can get a little "blah" but race running is usually very exciting! Endorphins flowing, adrenaline pumping, fans cheering, Gu's flying, Gatorade spilling. There is so much energy and excitement going on. Another great aspect of races is the huge sense of respect among runners for just getting out there and completing the race. Runners are usually great about cheering each other on! 

And you secretly hope you can outrun someone at the finish line. 
Or be like me and make it happen...
Sorry Mr. 295, I'm coming through! 

I need to remember that this is just one race. Racing should be for enjoyment, not for the sole purpose of hitting a PR every single time! Your family will still love you if you don't PR. Unless you're Kara Goucher and an Olympic medal is on the line. No pressure, Kar! 

Those who come to cheer you on are excited for you and proud of you for putting in the work to finish such a feat! (Trust me, I'm telling myself all of this just as much as I'm trying to convey it to you.) As SarahOUaL says, "It's the life between the miles that counts."

One last positive note, I've successfully avoided catching a cold or any other annoying sickness aka endurance killers before this race. Both previous races were interrupted with sickness so kudos to that!

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  1. Love the idea of the "life between the miles"! Enjoy your last few days of training before your race. I can't wait to hear all about it!


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