Friday, May 4, 2012

Coldplay Concert

Wednesday evening Eric and I headed down to LA to see Coldplay at the Hollywood Bowl. It seriously took two rounds through my closet and a trip to the mall to decide what to wear. I don't know why it was such a difficult decision!

What's really cool about the Hollywood Bowl is that you can bring in your own food to eat. Like, people bring picnic baskets with full on meals! My uncool self had no idea but Eric filled me in on all cool Hollywood Bowl secrets.

We decided to stop at BJ's in Glendale before the show to pick up our dinner. I was able to place our order for pick-up from Eric's iPhone during the car ride down. They really do have a app for everything!

On the walk back to our car Eric spotted a coffee shop and forced me to go in.
Then he forced me to drink a delicious coffee. I just can't tell the man no.

And he bought a kit-kat bar.
He was very proud of that kit-kat bar.

So then instead of parking at the Bowl Eric had the brilliant idea to park at the Los Angeles Zoo where they offer a shuttle to the Hollywood Bowl. I think it was $10 bucks for both of us? Not a bad deal since parking at the Hollywood Bowl is a complete nightmare.

The only bummer was that since it took about 30-45 minutes to get from BJ's to our seats in the stadium, our food was somewhat cold. But, it definitely beats paying for overpriced sushi and popcorn!
As we were walking into the Bowl they gave us these wrist bands to wear during the show.

 This was what it looked like
It was pretty awesome!

At one point during the show Coldplay ended up coming in the middle of the crowd to sing. Guess who ran over and snapped pics!
We weren't exactly close enough to smell his sweat, but we were definitely pretty close!

The show was great overall. Lots of audience interaction and they played all their big hits. I hate when bands don't include their major hits! I'd definitely recommend the show to anyone no matter how much of a Coldplay fan you are.

I spotted a celeb at the Bowl

 and then Eric spotted my compression socks
Dang, I guess I am a runner now!

** Also, if you want a win a pair of compression socks for free Yo Mama Runs is giving away a pair!


  1. Looks like a blast! LOL at the socks!

  2. I am planning to volunteer at the concert in Tampa, Florida in the U.S., on June 28 (but I also have tickets for the 29th of June, so maybe I could help there too) so if you can get me any more info, please do tell!!!!


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