Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Spinach is cheaper than a Big Mac

Congratulations to #13, Monica for winning a BIC Band! Please e-mail me at to claim your prize :)

If you didn't win a BIC Band this time around, don't worry, I'll probably end up giving away another one eventually. Or, give one a try yourself! They're great quality and a portion of every band sold goes to charity.

Also, I just noticed these awesome sporty bands! What a great gift for an athlete you might know.

This week I'm working hard at incorporating more spinach in my meals. Why? Because its so amazingly good for you! Plus, I need to make sure I'm fueling my body with plenty of nutrients for my challenge!

Eric and I went to Trader Joe's last night and I picked up this guy for only $1.99!
That's definitely cheaper than a Big Mac

This morning I decided to combine jalape├▒os, red bell pepper, spinach and 2 eggs to make a veggie scramble. 
For the record, yes I used canned red bell pepper which is a "no no" to many clean eaters but here's my thing: 
1. It's what I had on hand 
2. 210mg of salt for the entire can is not that bad; It's not like I'm licking salt from a can by any means
3. It's better than eating this for breakfast:

Sidenote - did you know that those tempting, devilish pastries found at SBucks and Coffee Bean are usually loaded with salt? Just sayin'

Here's my creation

After the magic of heat
Where did all that spinach go?

I wish I would have added even more spinach but it definitely did the job of filling me up. That's always the biggest test: do I feel like I had an actual meal, or was that just an appetizer? 

Do you each spinach at all? How do you sneak in your greens?

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  1. I love spinach! We also use spinach in our veggie scrambles. Some nights I serve spinach salads w/ our dinners- throw in some feta cheese, cherry tomatoes, and almonds, a bit of Papaya Seed dressing = yumminess!

    Have you tried it in a smoothie, yet? I hear "green" smoothies are very delicious =)


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