Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Shopping Spree!

Guess what I just purchased!

I think I have Boston fever after yesterday. All I can think about is improving my endurance, pace, and running wardrobe. Mostly #3.

Speaking of running wardrobe, Eric and I made the mistake glorious decision of visiting Lululemon on Friday afternoon.

My goodness is that a dangerous place to take me! E-moneybags (Eric) didn't have any intention of buying anything, just "going to browse" he said. "Don't want to spend that much" he said. "Lululemon is your store, not mine" he said. Guess who broke down and got 2 items! I am so proud. I know I shouldn't be, but I am.

A lot of people think their apparel is totally overpriced, and truthfully I think it is expensive. However, there are some things that I believe are worth it. In my opinion, the crops, shorts, and pants are worth the hefty price tag. I used to be a Nike capris and shorts girl but they always rode up when I was running - it drove me nuts! Lulu's do not move. Seriously. And are so freakin' comfy. Seriously.

I ended up splurging on some pants.

The best part was that they hem the pants for free and ship them straight to my house! I always have issues with pants since I'm on the shorter end of the stick; 5'1" (I argue 5'2" but the doctor always says otherwise.) I get tired of stepping on my pants and I cannot be rocking high waters!

I know I could buy similar "yoga pants" for about 1/3 the price but from my experience, after a few months they end up falling down when I run. Not okay.
After I got off work today Eric and I met for lunch at The Habit. One of our favorite spots for sure since we can both get exactly what we want. E-bland-man usually goes for a hamburger plain. Literally just lettuce tomato and meat. Yawn.
I, on the other hand, go for a Double Charburger, lettuce wrapped, no mayo, no onions, add mustard, add avocado and no fries. Yes, my order takes up a major amount of room on the receipt and they double check with me like 5 times. But its cool because its exactly what I want.

He also likes to make fun of me for getting a large drink and only filling it up with water. He just doesn't understand my logic:
1. I prefer to drink water from a straw because I end up drinking more water overall. 
2. $1.90 for a large drink (water) or $2.20 for a 12 oz bottle of water. No further explanation needed. 
3. I fill it up before I leave and take it home with me so that I can drink even more!

How much water do you usually drink per day? 
What are your favorite workout brands?


  1. You will love your watch. I oddly mostly use the heart rate monitor on mine, but I also run indoors a ton. But I think it definitely made me faster!:)

    1. I can't wait to try it out! Do you find that the heart rate monitor tracking made you improve your endurance? I've heard it helps a ton with it but I wasn't sure!

  2. way to get some awesome running swag!! my fav brand is Nike tho...hehe. :) i've never been to Habit but have some buds who love it...and i totally am all about the water and ur drink of choice is obvious in my mind, wat's wrong with anyone who doubts that?? i'm the dork who travels with a water bottle everywhere/ :)


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