Saturday, April 28, 2012

Roadmap For Success Part 2

After you've read part 1 for the roadmap to success, I hope you are feeling optimistic and most importantly, that you CAN do this. Together we can tie together the loose ends, debunk the junk, and ease confusion.

If you are completely new to clean eating, make sure you check out this diet proof read I did of someone who has a typical american diet.

Quick major points:
  • You now understand the fat loss and weight loss are NOT the same.
  • Every person has a unique body with a unique set of genes hence what works for your momma's grandma's sister's uncle's baby's aunt may not work for you.
  • We need to get in tune with our bodies; specifically energy levels, mood, and overall health in relation to our diet.
  • Not many people can change everything at once and stay on the bandwagon. You must establish what you are and not willing to give up. Make sure to check out this post.
1. Pay attention to carb vs. fat vs. protein ratio instead of the amount of calories - This is hard for so many people as we've always been taught to focus on the evil calorie number. You think our ancestors 200 years ago looked at calorie labels? Nope. Focus on getting adequate amounts of quality macronutrient and the correct calorie amounts will follow.
2. Notice how you feel after eating a high carb meal. Think about it. Same thing with a high fat or high protein meal. How you feel is probably what is going on inside your body. We need to be in tune with our bodies. 
3. Realize when you are mindlessly eating - Are you really hungry? Are you emotionally eating? (Check out this post for more information about this!) This is a toughy because I know PLENTY of people can relate. I know I can. Many people will tell you to cut out all mindless eating and I completely disagree. This is a habit you've picked up. You CANNOT cold turkey bad habits all at once. You becoming aware of the mindless part is a great start to get you moving the right direction. If you "have to" be snacking on something, try to snack on clean options! Berries, celery, carrot sticks, etc.
4. Notice the Timing of Food - This is tough because people have different schedules, changing lives, etc. but its best to eat smaller meals throughout the day. It keeps your metabolism working, feeds your body constantly and helps you maintain constant energy levels.
5. Drinks are Usually More Calorie Dense Than We Realize - A great first habit to ween yourself off of is drinking away your calories with sugar. Sodas are sugar. Plain and simple. That blended mocha you're drinking, yeah that's probably anywhere between 300-600 calories. It's all about perspective.
6. GO-TO FOODS, TACTICS, AND HABITS WILL HELP YOU TREMENDOUSLY - Once you start figuring out cleaner options that you LIKE and use them to replace your old "dirty" habits, you will become much more successful long term. It's definitely a process but think about it: there have to be SOME healthy foods you like! Start with those and move forward.

An Example In My Life:

I used to be a huge coffee addict. Okay, that's a lie, I didn't used to be, I am a coffee addict. But I used to be all about caramel macchiatos, white mochas with whipped cream and even those caramel blended drinks...but then my pants got tighter. I didn't get why. It was just a drink, right? Wrong. Those suckers are loaded with sugar and I'd usually get one with lunch...while I was eating a carbohydrate dense about an insulin bomb! Now, I'm not ready to give up coffee altogether, but I have moved to just drip coffee with cream and sugar; sometimes even americanos. I still drink coffee with lunch but now my pants aren't so tight. See how I'm not going cold turkey? I am making minor adjustments to slowly move my habits to "cleaner" ones. This tactic will help me successfully reach my goals and maintain them long term.

It's a journey to find foods and habits that you enjoy and can live day-to-day with; this is why its not a diet. 

As always, please please please contact me with any questions!

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