Friday, April 27, 2012

Review: Drymax Socks

Workout - 4 mile run

I bought these beauties about a month ago because I wanted to try a running specific sock. I did as much research as I could and found these to be highly rated and very affordable. I believe they were about $8 a pair on Amazon. Some running socks were outrageously expensive! No thanks, I'd rather be able to afford food than to wear socks that cost as much as my paycheck.

I knew that I wanted to find a sock that was light weight and wouldn't irritate my foot while keeping it protected. A "no show" sock would have definitely been a plus too since I think they're more stylish. That's just my personal preference though, I really know nothing of style or fashion or how to match my clothes. Stripes with polka dots match, right?

After browsing E-harmony Amazon, I finally found a likely suitor!
So he was lite-mesh (light weight), would keep my feet dry (no irritation plus protection) could I have found the one? I knew it was meant to be with the No Show Tab.
Ah, love.

I've been running in them for about a month now and to be quite frank, I love them! 

They're super comfortable. I never feel like they're going to move around while I run.

No blisters. No weird rashes. No weird odors.

Dry Max socks have "active odor control" through the addition of an antimicrobial called 'MicroZap'. 

I'm noticing a lot of running companies going to "no odor" workout gear. Have you guys noticed that? 

From their website: "Our MicroZap is a zirconium phosphate based ceramic ion-exchange resin which contains silver. The silver antimicrobial is not a topical treatment; it is molecularly infused into our Drymax fibers as they are being extruded. This special process makes it non-migratory,  non-toxic, and produces long term Active Odor Control for our socks." (source)

I asked Eric to smell my feet after a run, he refused to partake, but I haven't noticed any funky odors after running.

I would will definitely be purchasing more of these socks! I'd also definitely be open to trying other Dry Max products because I truly am impressed with their great quality and affordability. Thanks for the great product Drymax! I will be wearing these socks on my next race.

[Updated] I also forgot to answer this question:
What do I fuel with during races?
I've only used Gu gel packets. Mainly because I spotted them at my race's expo. I do like them (chocolate flavored was pretty good!) but I would be open to trying other forms of energy during races.

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