Thursday, April 12, 2012

Review: BIC Bands

Is it not the worst feeling when you're running or workout out and your head band keeps moving off your head? Or do you ever get a massive headache because the band is too tight? It drives me nuts to say the least! I always thought it was because I have a big head (literally, not figuratively) but nope, I tried numerous head bands and its always a less than stable band that usually gives me a headache about 30 minutes into my know, by the time you're really making progress!

I had heard a few good things about BIC Bands and finally decided to give them a shot. I ordered 3 bands in shades Sparkle Peacock, Sparkle Fuchsia Hot Pink, and Sparkle Gunmetal Think I like sparkles just a little bit?
Hello, hand.
They have tons of colors and cute designs. I guess I was just feeling sparkly when I chose these.

BIC Bands stands for "Because I Can" Bands. Each band is hand made and a portion of every band sold is donated to a different charity each month. Pretty awesome, right? If you read the About Me on their website you can read more about them and the different charities they donate to.

"From the beginning days of making B.I.C. Bands for my run with Team In Training, giving back has been at the heart of the business." (source)

This is a BIC Band

This is  a BIC band in action
It never moved the entire race! Sweet!

It also passed the "rock out in your car" test. Didn't move once! No picture of this because, well, it wasn't pretty. I don't have the best dance moves according to Dancing with the Stars judges.
Sorry guys, I'm a runner not a dancer.

Make sure to check out their Facebook too!

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  1. Sweet review. I'm not much of a headband wearer but I love no slip ones when I do use them


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