Saturday, April 14, 2012

New Socks!

This morning I had hoped to run in an Earth Day 10k but the coffee gods (aka my bosses) had other plans for me. I got called into work which is probably for the best since my shin splints keep coming back. I've been wearing compression nonstop lately to combat the dang things.

I may try to do a light few miles tonight running on dirt later on but we'll see. It's super windy out there! Like cray cray windy. I think I might put it off until tomorrow morning.
It's hard to document the wind.

On a happy note, look what came in the mail today! 
Can't wait to try these guys out when I run! I'm tired of blisters and black toe nails. They just aren't my style. 

What socks do you run in? 


  1. I want to try those too! I run in wright socks. Love em!

  2. I hope you love them!
    I'm a Balega girl when I wear Mizuno and a Thorlo Experia girl when I wear Newtons. High maintenance for sure.


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