Wednesday, April 25, 2012

More Giveaways!

I'm thinking we can almost call the devil shin splints gone. I've been doing some easy-peasy miles, taking note of my running terrain, taking my supplements, icing, and compressing like a freak.

Don't mind me, just icing like a G
Sorry about the horrible picture quality. My father is just getting into the whole "camera phone thing" so he assumes every picture he takes turns out like a Kodak moment.

What supplements am I taking?
A Women's Specific Multivitamin
Align (for digestive issues - yes I'm 21 with my own GI doctor)
and of course drinking cherry juice! 

Missed out on winning the BIC band giveaway? Don't worry! I've collected a few other giveaways for you guys!

**A cute tank from DA Active, Inc. with 1 month of free personal training from Angelique Kronebusch!
**Amy's Recipe For Disaster is giving away Aspaeris Pivot Shorts and Sweat Pink Shoelaces!

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