Thursday, April 19, 2012

Jeff Galloway's World

It's a beautiful day out here in Southern Cali so I decided to catch some rays while reading Runner's World Magazine.

This month's issue of Runner's World is a Special Beginner's Guide. Perfect for someone like me who is new to running!

What do I mean by being a new runner? 
I count myself as a new runner because I've only been serious about running for about 6 months. I make the time to run, enjoy the run, and do my research on how to become a better runner overall! To me, those are traits of serious runners.

I've been getting a few e-mail questions lately about what I recommend for beginning to run*.
This is from the cover of Runner's World on their Beginner's Guide. I believe there is a lot of truth to these statements! You do need to start out easy, add miles safely, lose extra pounds (very arguable, I know), and stick with it to be successful.
With so many magazines, products, endorsements, etc. how do you pick the right methods and gear for you? How do I know what shoes to buy and what the heck are compression socks and Gu? (First time I heard Gu, I thought of baby food. True story.)
The truth that there is no way around: do your research.
Also, always note the bias (if any) of your sources. 

What method do I recommend?
I am a huge huge huge fan of the walk-run method from Jeff Galloway. Especially for beginners who have never ran any amount of distance before! His method involves walk-run intervals of set times in order to work up your distance. For example, you may start out with a 45 second run followed by a 45 second walk. You repeat these intervals for a certain amount of time. 
His method will also improve your overall pace! You end up teaching your body how to recovery quickly and increase your lactic acid threshold (aka you will fatigue less quickly). You will run faster and longer compared to trying to gut out the miles.

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What methods do you use to improve your running?

*Disclaimer: I am not a health professional, certified personal trainer or dietician. I am sharing knowledge from my own studies, research, and personal accounts. What works for me may not work for you. You can, however, trust my honesty and integrity when posting information.

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  1. I guess what I am doing now is giving my body a chance to recover before I start working it hard again. As much as I dislike rest I know when I need it. Of course I still have to do at least one easy mile a day.


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