Monday, April 30, 2012

I've got the blues

I am not dealing with this injury well mentally. Friday's 4 miles felt fine, NO PAIN! Saturday I decided to do another 4 and now I'm back with shin splints again. It's only in one leg though - not sure if that makes it any better? Probably makes it worse actually because then my body starts to compensate for the the splint.

I'm mad. Frustrated. Anxious. I want to run so badly. I don't need to be fast, I just want to be able to run! I can't do that with this lingering injury.

It's like that Murphy's Law for Runners: once you start to love running, you will get injured. Awesome.

See any other Murphy's Law for Runners that relate to you?
How do you deal with an injury?


  1. I had a lot of injuries this last training cycle. I think because of improper shoes to start then I overtrained. In coming back, I took more rest than I wanted to and had success with that. I took most of the optional rest days on my schedule and then stopped when something hurt. It's very hard mentally to deal with the injury. I tried a lot of spin classes to keep my heart strong too. That seemed to help a lot. I hope you feel improvement soon!

  2. Boo! I'm sorry about the injury! Yes, the one that speaks to me is the one about having to take a walk break on bad running days and someone sees you! I hate that! Have you tried pool running? I haven't but really want to, especially when my body hurts but I still want to run. Sending positive mending thoughts to you and your shins!


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