Monday, April 23, 2012

Cherry Juice

 It came! Words could not express my excitement when I came home from class and saw this sitting on my door step.                                                                 No Words.
I rip the box open to only find out that I have to charge the thing for 3 hours before I can use it! What a buzz kill.
I am so not patient.

So since I have to wait 1,000 years before I can test out this life changing device I am trying to distract myself by learning about cherries and cherry juice.

According to
"Tart cherries are loaded with important nutrients. You would have to eat an entire sack of them to obtain all of the nutrition you can get by sipping the juice. Many antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents are in tart cherries. Tart cherry juice is beneficial for cancer prevention, heart health, as an anti-inflammatory agent and offers protection against a host of other conditions."

A few months ago my dad started drinking the juice to help with his gout issues. He said the cherry juice helped a ton with his joint pain! I plan on drinking a little bit of the juice every day (or eating real cherries when in season) to keep my joints healthy. 

Here's a few more excerpts about tart cherry benefits from the article:

"Extra Cancer Protection

Carcinogens, harmful substances in air, water and foods, may damage the body's cells, triggering changes that may lead to cancer. Tart cherry juice offers more than anthocyanins. It is loaded with three disease-fighting chemicals that may be beneficial for halting cell transformation (that often leads to cancer). These powerful chemicals include perillyl alcohol, limonene and ellagic acid. Citrus peel offers limonene and berries offer ellagic acid but only cherries offer all three chemicals. They are particularly protective against cancers of the breast, lung, liver and skin.

Protection Against Muscle Damage

In a study published in December 2006 by the British Journal of Sports Medicine, researchers DA Connolly, MP McHugh, OL Padilla-Zakour, et al., tested the efficacy of a tart cherry juice blend in preventing the symptoms of exercise-induced muscle damage in 14 male college students. The dosage was 12 fl oz. of a cherry juice blend or a placebo taken twice daily for eight days with a series of elbow flexion contractions performed on the fourth day of supplementation. Pain and strength loss were significantly lower in the cherry juice trial versus placebo. Similarly, tart cherry juice may offer relief from gout (a painful form of arthritis). It may alleviate the pain because of its powerful anti-inflammatory properties."
Read more benefits here.

Drink up, friends!

In Other News:
-- I updated the FGD Goals page 
-- Time is ticking to enter the BIC Band giveaway!

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  1. I have always been weary of trying cherry juice...I am worried it will be too sweet or fake tasting...let us know what you think!


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