Monday, April 16, 2012


Workout - 1 mile 6:36

For those of you that may not follow the running world or live under a rock, today was the 116th Boston Marathon. I have read so many Boston stories and I am beyond inspired. From what I've heard, this was an extremely tough race due to heat.

Some people didn't finish, but many more did.

This woman, Sharon Cherop finished 2:31:50
Her PR is an insane 2:22:39 (Dubai, 2012)
Last year at Boston she reportedly came in 3rd place but this year she took it home!

I can only imagine the excitement and energy in the air at Boston. I mean, you just hear the word Boston and you're like, dannnnng.

So, in respect to Boston, I decided to run 1 mile today. Yes, just one measly mile. But didn't I just run a half marathon? Yes I did. And I was in pain the last 3 miles and limped for 2 days. I am focusing more than ever on not getting injured, listening to my body and pushing myself harder when I need to. Yeah, 
I could have farted out a few miles but it wouldn't be anywhere near a 6:36 pace.

I also tried something new: I wore my compression socks while I was running. No shin pain what-so-ever! Granted, it was only a mile so I'll need to test it out further but so far I am loving my compression socks for the most part. My only complaint is that I am short (5'1) so I have to roll them down so that they don't go above my knee. I'm not quite sure if that is bad for the socks? 

Someday I will be able to run an entire half marathon, followed by running an entire full marathon, and finally, someday I will run Boston. Mark my words.

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