Saturday, March 3, 2012

Workout Plan For This Week

Man oh man, today was one of those days where I could NOT get out of bed! I have work or school every day of the week and sometimes, I swear, my body gets so worn out it just refuses to get up. Fortunately, I didn't have to be to work until 8am today. Usually when the alarm goes off (you know, around 5:15am) I pop out of bed before my mind can even begin to think about curling up and rolling over. Literally hopping out of bed and stumbling through the dark to switch on the light! Once the light is on, I'm usually good to go. Since today my body felt like it needed to be rejuvenated, I'm staying IN this Saturday night and watching reruns of FRIENDS (my favorite show ever! I own all 10 seasons) :)

BUT before I allow myself a little R&R I must hit up the gym! I'm going to run stairs, work legs, and run on the treadmill (or dreadmill as calls it!) Gotta build up my endurance since my next race is officially less than 4 weeks away. Tomorrow will be a long run then Monday probably strength training. Here's what my week will look like as far as working out (hopefully...)

Tomorrow: Long Run (8-9miles)
Monday: Strength training (most likely full body)
Tuesday: Off
Wednesday: Run (5 miles) + Sprints
Thursday: 2 mile run "fast as I can"
Friday: 6-7 miles walk-run intervals
Saturday: Off
Sunday: Long Run (10-11 miles)

I also plan on getting the schedule of classes from my gym today. Hopefully I can add a yoga class!

What your favorite R&R activity?

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