Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Target Victory and Mini Quick and Dirty About Belly Fat

Well the shin splints are still there. I chatted with a Road Runner worker about it and walked out of the store with this guy:

I had honestly never heard of KT Tape before but I was willing to give it a shot. There isn't much I wouldn't do right now to get rid of these stupid things.

Like all life changing decisions, I had to consult my cat about it. 
She and I will get back to you on KT Tape. She's very insightful.

In other news, I walked into Target today planning on buying ONE thing only and I walked out of there with only ONE thing. 
My ONE thing.

I consider this a huge victory! Target usually gets me with 3...4...8 trillion things but not this time, Target! Nice try! 
Danielle: 1 Target: every other time

I've been getting lots of questions lately about belly fat lately or "love handles". 

Belly fat is typically from excess sugar in your diet. What counts as sugar? Carbohydrates and alcohol (think beer belly for example.) Diet will have a much more profound impact on ridding belly fat than exercise. It's a bummer, but its the truth.

Here's Danielle's Mini 5 Quick and Dirty about getting rid of belly fat:
  1. Look for ways you can cut down on the sugar in your every day diet. 
  2. Drink water to get rid of bloat.
  3. Watch salt intake - it makes you retain water.
  4. Also watch sugar alcohols in food - they can also make you bloat and upset your stomach.
  5. READ labels. Don't just eat something because its "low-cal"Look at the ratio of carb vs. fat vs. protein. 
That should get you moving in the right direction. If you have any questions, as always, feel free to e-mail me at danielle[at] fitgirldaily [dot] com Now, for the real quick and dirty question....

Can you walk out of Target with just ONE thing?


  1. I can NEVER walk out of Target with one thing. Good news that it takes too long for me to drive there, so I rarely go. Hope the tape helps your shins.

  2. I can not walk out of Target with less than 5 things.
    My shin splints are coming back. I bought myself some Zensah compression sleeves. I put them on when I am done working out. They do seem to help. Might help you. And they were shipped very quickly.


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