Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sunday Funday, Not So Much

Well at last I had today off from work. I've been working the past 10 days straight, yuck! Don't get me wrong, I love my job (I'm surrounded by coffee how could I not love it?) but its nice to have a day off to regroup and relax a little. So much for my spring break from school though! Oh well, I shouldn't complain because I do have a job, enjoy my job and gotta feed that workout clothes addiction somehow!

I had planned all week to get up early this morning (about 6:30AM) and do a "practice race day". I was going to set out my workout clothes the night before, eat a Clif Bar in the morning and off I'd go on a 12 mile run.

Yeah that didn't happen. Mainly because yesterday my boyfriend offered to take me out to breakfast to our favorite local breakfast house! We hadn't been in forever and their veggie omelet is to die for! Clearly the moment he asked my mind had been made up.

 I had a pesto veggie omelet and coffee. Both were amazing. I should have taken a pic but I was so stinkin' hungry I downed it.

So then I get home and 'decide to run'. I would love to  tell you how great my run was today, how I had a PR, but that'd be a straight out lie.
This is how I felt about running before I took off.
 And that is exactly how my run ended up. 
(Clearly I had no care about my appearance today. I'm so glad I take myself seriously.)

I don't know about you, but I cannot stand to run when its windy. It dries out my contacts and I feel as though at any moment I could just blow right over. I started running against the wind and finished mile one around 7:57 then it just went downhill from there. My nose was running faster than my feet were. So it turned out to be a 1 mile run and an 8 mile nature walk.

Although I'm bummed I didn't get any major miles in (running wise) I think my body needed a break and I had some divine intervention to kick up the wind speed to barrel me over! Or maybe it was God telling me next time I walk outside the house to take a little more care in my appearance. I walked, listened to music and enjoyed my coffee. Tomorrow I'm back on running though and back to school too. Bittersweet.

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