Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Review: Coffee Bean Customer Service

This is not a coffee review, but a review of Coffee Bean's customer service. To me this is just as, if not more important than serving a quality cup of joe!

A few weeks ago I e-mailed Coffee Bean telling them that I've been having trouble with their cups. They would start leaking from the sides after only getting to my car with the cup! Here's the picture I sent them:
I go to Coffee Bean or local coffee shops almost daily, sometimes twice a day (as every addict does.... oh wait, just me?) and when I'm spending that kind of money on coffee I plan on being able to enjoy it! So needless to say I was getting really frustrated as my cups kept getting similar to the above picture after only having them maybe five minutes or so! Sometimes I didn't have time to get out of my car and go back inside all for a new cup. And to be quite honest, I don't think I should have to!

Anyway, I e-mailed them this picture just letting them know that this had been happening to me quite frequently with their small size cups. Truthfully, I didn't expect a response. I mean, they're a large chain so I figured they had bigger fish to fry than responding to a little e-mail like mine.

To my surprise I got a response the next day! A woman e-mailed me back, apologized for the inconvenience, said she'd like to treat me to a few cups of coffee and even offered to send me one of those cool Coffee Bean tumblers. You know, the kind that legit coffee drinkers use. She also ensured me that she would be showing my picture to the paper company they use.

Now, I know they have to "be nice" and helpful and "care" about my little "coffee cup" issues and its just an e-mail... Let's be real, who knows what she really thought of me but her e-mail truly made me feel appreciated as a customer and that's what matters most. I did not e-mail them expecting a gift, or even a response really, I was just voicing my concern about their cups. I loved their coffee, I just hated it leaking all over my car!

Fast forward to today... my insulated Coffee Bean tumbler arrived and a $10 gift card! 
Thank you Coffee Bean for appreciating my business and making me feel like my voice matters. I greatly appreciate your prompt response and your generous gift! I will continue to support your business and my addiction! ;)

Have you ever sent an e-mail to a larger company to voice a concern/complaint/compliment? Did they respond?


  1. That's really great to hear! Customer service is so key... and leaky coffee cups are the worst. Seriously. Oh and p.s. I am absolutely with you on the coffee addiction.

  2. That is SO awesome!!!!! way to go on voicing your needs :) I base my entire opinion on compaines based on how I'm treated. Hence why there are only my most favs sponsoring my race.

  3. Can anybody help me to buy that tumbler? I am in Malaysia!



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