Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Rest Day and Lots of Coffee

Workout - Rest Day

Today I gave my body a rest from working out after that 10 mile run yesterday but even though it was a "rest day" I was still running around all day long! Drove out to UCSB in the morning to talk to an academic advisor then had a hair appointment to get my hair done then drive to TO to return some over priced shoes! That basically summed up the entire boring part of my day.

After all that, Eric came over after he got off work. We planned on going for a walk to dinner and coffee but it was too cold so we ended up driving. hah! We got some chicken, rice and beans then headed over to the mother ship Coffee Bean.

I got a chai tea since I already had 2 cups of coffee today. So good.
Eric never gets anything because he's a baby and doesn't like tea or coffee. Poor guy is dating the caffeine queen. But anyway, we I love chatting over coffee or tea. We call these our "coffee chit-chats." We talked a lot about his day at work, my possibility of returning to UCSB.... you know, the typical stuff. Then we started talking about running. Fav topic of mine of course. Eric also signed up for a half marathon and I'm so proud of him for it! He's more a sprinter type, so I think this is a huge challenge for him. Which then made me wonder, do you prefer long 'easy' runs or short, hard I-might-possibly-blow-chunks sprints?

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