Monday, March 26, 2012

Jalapeño Turkey BurgerTaco

I was planning on making a jalapeño burger. But I have yet to master the art of burger cooking just cooking in general.

Look how nice my jalapeño burger was going to be?

Then it turned out like this. 
I improvised like a real cook and made it into jalapeño turkey tacos with salsa.

In the land of Danielle, you can never go wrong with jalapeño anything. For real. I still am a little disappointed that every single time I want to make a burger, I end up making it into tacos. Maybe one day I'll man up.

My complicated recipe: 
  • Handful of lean ground turkey
  • 12-ish cut cup jalapeños
  • 2 Organic corn tortillas
  • Low-sodium salsa
Now I'm off to THE happiest place on earth aka my local running store to stock up on Gu's for my race and to ask employees about 1.6 billion questions about running. 


  1. My husband mixes oatmeal in to help it stick together, and I've heard that sometimes if the meat is too lean it doesn't stick as well. I'm a horrible cook, so none of my advice is valid!:)

    1. I'm a terrible cook so I stick to the easiest things I can find! lol I'll try the oatmeal method and see how it goes!


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