Thursday, March 8, 2012


Here's the cold, hard truth: NOBODY IS PERFECT! (Harsh reality, right?) You WILL have a weak moment. You WILL be caught in a craving frenzy. You WILL not feel like working out.

If you never have any of those, congratulations, you're super human!

But, if you're normal human like me, you'll have some troubling moments. What I like to do instead of throwing in the towel is to be prepared best as I can. My "go-to's" may not ALWAYS work (I may give in to the hot fudge sundae once in a while!) and that's okay, because as long as they help me stay on track most of the time, I consider them worthwhile.

This method is especially helpful for the newbies to clean eating! One of the best ways to keep yourself on track when implementing anything new in your life is to have your "go-to's"
Here are mine for staying on track:
  1. Tea
    • This is my almost nightly go-to. I drink tea almost every night. No calories (awesome) tastes great (even more awesome) and it keeps my mouth preoccupied instead of mindless eating. And there are a ton of flavors to choose from.
  2. Berries
    • If my mind is craving something sweet before I reach for the cookie jar, I try and go for a bowl of berries first. The great thing about berries is that they are totally low calorie, sweet, and are pretty versatile. Sometimes I'll add them to frozen non-fat greek yogurt (YUM!), blended up in a almond milk protein shake, or just scoop a bunch in a bowl and eat away
  3. Set out my gym clothes the night before
    • I won't even JUST set them out, I'll put them on the floor by my front door the night before. That way in the morning I can't miss them!
  4. Metabolic Effect Cocoa Drink
  5. Have Snacks READY AT ALL TIMES with 'clean' dipping sauces
    • Okay, so you're tired after your long day at work. I get it. Have veggies pre-cut along with some yummy red bell pepper hummus to snack on while you make dinner instead of crackers. Keep those hands busy on small low calorie, guilt-free, snacks that you like.
    • Keep a bag of almonds on the counter.
    • Home made protein bars
    • Berries!
  6. Have Snacks/Foods you LIKE
    • Don't buy something "just because its healthy". If you've never liked brussel sprouts or kale your whole life don't expect your taste buds to magically change over night. Sometimes these things take time for your taste buds! Add a few more mild things here and there. I use a variety of salt-free Mrs. Dash spices on most of my newly introduced veggies.
  7. Reward yourself for consistency 
    • No, not with food obviously! Sometimes I'll 'make a deal' with myself that if I stick to my clean eating for 4 weeks, I'll buy myself a cute workout shirt. 
Any tricks you use to keep yourself on track?

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