Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Workout - 5.03 mile run/walk/jog 50 minutes

Shin splints. I've never had them in my life and today, less than two weeks before my next race, they decide to enter my life. Great.

I was so mad because my lungs, breathing and rest of my body felt great! I felt strong and was actually enjoying it. (Yes, eventually running does get fun at some point after you get over the first few months of feeling like you have black lung.) My shins were aching and felt weak the whole time though, it was weird. Lately my calfs have just been feeling weak in general. I'm not quite sure why?

Anyway, I plan on icing, heating, stretching and resting. You can also bet your butt that I finally bit the bullet and bought shin compression sleeves from Pro Compression. They're selling them 50% off right now so that was pretty enticing too. I've heard they help a ton, so we'll see. You can expect a review on these guys soon.

I bought them in shade Marathon Baby Blue.

I also decided I need to just bite the bullet and buy some nice running socks. My pinky toes are getting major blisters.

All of this happening within 2 weeks of my race. Cool.

I think I'll go sulk over some Arctic Zero ice cream, coffee flavor.

Have you ever had any experiences with compression gear? 


  1. Don't fret!!!! If your race is only two weeks away, then all of the work is done already. STOP RUNNING. Seriously. I fought this at the beginning of the year. Rest up. Do you have a foam roll? You need to roll your calves and stretch like crazy. I PROMISE you will be fine for your race (even though mentally you will be freaking out because you aren't running). Cross train if you can on the bike or elliptical. Good luck!!!

  2. I agree that resting and cross training will get you through the race with less pain. Bike or spin classes can keep your heart strong, and doing some strength training can help too. Good luck!

    And I bought socks yesterday too, the blue argyle ones! I'm excited to wear then at my next race!


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